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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nothing Happening... On Margarittaville Vacation ...Tropics Quiet.. Is this the Calm Before the Storm?

TC Activity

Went to the beach ... may as well take a break... the tropics did...

Unfavorable for tropical development............


Incredible weather here today... love it... wild shelf cloud came through as my phone battery was dying. How does weather always find me on a vacation??

And, writing this from up high in the sky on a balcony listening to the sounds of the surf and kids having fun. Noisy fun... nothing as beautiful as a beach but no beach is as beautiful as Key West which has few beaches but is the best place to be any time. This is one of my runner ups.. Myrtle Beach and if Margarittaville is am I..

The area by Florida that is making every one nervous is an Upper Level Low... and South Florida is on the "dirty side" so they are getting very...wet :)

Maybe if it tracks into the Gulf of Mexico?

And, the real money is on Cape Verde Waves.. one in particular that will be coming off the coast soon... give it a week.

I'll be back later..

Besos Bobbi

Me and my computer and some family friends and the ocean...the sound of the waves and an afternoon thunderstorm!


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Sue Dawley said...

Ohh enjoy, enjoy, looking forward to more of your thoughts!


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