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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Case of Chantal. 20% Circle Back Again.. The Verdict is out on redevelopment... Keep watching

TC Activity

So.... after being OFF the map...the remnants of Chantal are back ON the map. If he develops will it be Chantal or Dorian? They renamed the Invest to a different number so hard to say.. but either way it may be a  mute point.  20% Chances reinstated as an Invest again. Running models again.

Just a  note to say every one's watching it again.. even if they don't want to as many forecasters have written it off as if they personally killed it themselves!


Same concept.. it grabs the trough which is hanging across the SE currently. Although...this keeps it as a feature all the way through the Great Lakes and back through NY and NJ and out to sea going ESE. Can we accept that model run as logical or normal? Do storms have to be logical or normal? No.. it's a crazy weather pattern so crazy storms is often what you get.

Does Gordon's track from 1994 look "normal"  ???  I rest my case..

File:Gordon 1994 track.png

Case in point...

Or is this just a case of a lot of rain... growing in size...exactly where the old ULL used to be.

The strong "diving front" is diving... and now the remnants of Chantal are firing up south of Cuba and North of it in the Bahamas. So, are the real remnants of Chantal in the Carib and is this a different entity?

20130712.2045.goes13.wv.fd.x.jpg image

Looks a bit to me like a trof in the Carib as one long tropical wave? Who knows. You get the feeling the mets at the NHC argued this one out and what one took away the other one put back in. Just a feeling.

Now in black and white...

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Stayed tune...

Just remember later in the season in a few weeks what I said about patterns...

I'll be back Saturday Night with more information...if there is something to inform you on..

Still waiting for something in the Atlantic to pop since there was so much hoopla about it two days ago before it went poof. Did it really go poof or is it lurking there somewhere?

Besos Bobbi


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