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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gulf Of Mexico "Against All Odds"

So the NHC says they are doing tests with the NRL and using the Gulf of Mexico.. a lot of  mumbo jumbo to mean... they are playing... not tracking.

Nice timing... they stopped when the system fell apart and announced it was a test.. of sorts.

"We've gotten at least one phone call from someone wondering why guidance models were run on "Invest AL97" today, even though we're not mentioning anything in our Tropical Weather Outlook. This invest was started purely for testing purposes in connection with the planned transition to the new NWS supercomputer next week. Once the testing has been completed, the invest AL97 will be deactivated. 

We know that people tend to follow these invest systems more closely now than in the past, but this should serve as a reminder that invests can be opened for a variety of reasons, not all of them meteorological."

I think "at least one phone call" has to be the understatement of the year...What they gave they taketh away... 97L deactivated.

Almost funny. It is sort of funny. Okay I am in a delightful mood so it's funny.

Good thing they didn't do an Invest on the convection near Miami... could have caused a rash of "water buying at Publix" seriously...

So, back to no shows in the tropics and finding your kicks elsewhere tonight.

So the NHC is singing "call me maybe" (song for looping)

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

MJO has jumped ship and nothing is happening in the tropics. More moisture. I can definitely feel more "moisture tonight" but nothing serious going on ...yet....

Interestingly this site shows the area in the Gulf as highlighted (hope they got the memo...) as well as the East Africa however it's a good week early for the Cape Verde Waves I think...  on vacation from tracking... on vacation from tracking... on beach vacation actually.... stay tuned..

As for the Gulf of Mexico... seems like the odds are not in their favor...

Chances for Tropics... officially "Against All Odds"

Sweet Tropical Dreams


Ps amazing what's out there on youtube when you don't have anything to track...


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