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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Myrtle Beach Vacation... Shark Teeth... Sunrise...Sunset ... Quiet Tropics...Miami Beach Flooding

It just appeared out of the water... suddenly.  Sunrise happens like that sometimes. A sort of lilac, pink dawn and a blood red sun rose out of the water suddenly... redder than my camera shows it and awesome... really.

Nothing...then something.

Had to do a double take. Last time I was here the sun was in a different spot and it truly wasn't there and then it was..

And, rose higher... glowed more... telling you it was on fire for a few minutes...

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach. A lot like the cover of a magazine I saw a few years ago and wondered what filter they used to get that shot ... but no filter... just God and Mother Nature and the way of the world.

Finally, blue filters in. The beauty of a sunrise. All the shades slowly seeping in...

A new day. A new day to play at the beach.

My point here is that this is the way the tropics work... there is nothing...and then suddenly there is something. This morning it was sunrise. Soon it will be Hurricanes.

So I went down to the beach... fourteen floors down to the shore and there they were.. the "Surf Fisherman" with their kids and friends... fishing at sunrise in the surf. There's something you don't see in Miami..

So a fisherman from Jacksonville, NC told me that he has never seen so many baby sharks close in being caught in the mornimg. Rare...or so he says. I mean I should take his word..have no reason to believe otherwise. Down the beach a ways.. another fisherman told me that also. You know me.. my first thought was  "I need to Google this" "does it happen in years when there are hurricanes??"

Nothing out there right now in the tropics officially. A wave near PR that blew up crazy today causing horrible flooding... just a tropical wave...but so much flooding. Miami so much flooding from another wave or rather the dirty side of an upper level low aka ULL. And, what a large, huge ULL that is in the Gulf of Mexico... crazy spin...

Lots of great pictures here ... lots of great pictures everywhere.

I guess I could go astrological and say there is a Grand Harmonic Water Trine right now, it's been mentioned to be enough times to say it. A lot of water everywhere.

Miami Beach...water everywhere, pics online everywhere... typical.

That's my neighborhood there flooding...where I lived... where I grew up and know like the back of my hand. Floods getting worse. Yes...high tide..lots of rain. When I was younger it was never so bad. Yes, more people... lots of excuses always.

Tons of them............... a lot of rain yes. Also, they have been dumping water from the Lake... goes into the intracoastal and tributaries.. works its way down. Miami Beach floods... they blame it on the rain. Not just the rain ... going to blame it on the moon too??

What bothers me? Things hard to explain.

See how the waves stair step their way WNW... around the high...  These are waves...

Soon there will be Tropical Depressions and oh we had those...Tropical Storms... oh we had those.

Okay.......................soon there will be HURRICANES... the pattern is set.

The high is huge...

Models are weird... very weird. I think they need to be taken out to the shed and slapped silly.

[JavaScript Image Player]

The Canadian model is being bad again... see above.


[JavaScript Image Player]


Shows a weakness but no storms...duh.

[JavaScript Image Player]

2nd wettest day in history in San Juan... hmmmnnn

As always on vacation I talked to people about past hurricanes. You can learn a lot in school, classes, mentors... professors.. teachers...  You learn a lot from talking to every day people who lived their whole lives in the Keys or in Camden or Wilmington. You talk a little, you let them talk... you listen a lot.

So, I spent the last few days in Myrtle Beach which I love.. love.. LOVE cause in theory I am in MB :) and it looks like Miami back when I was younger... I can close my eyes and it looks like Collins and Washington or across from the Deauville in the old days. I swam in the ocean and got tossed around by waves and drank decadent chocolate Starbucks drinks with soy milk and only two pumps but oh wow... and watched the sunrise and set...and rise again and partied at Margaritaville

In Margaritaville... there's always a hurricane spinning..

And... in Myrtle Beach there is always something to do..

Everyone here looks for shark teeth... why I don't know. It's a big thing. No stooping for seashells which are usually broken in smithereens (though I found some good ones) but searching for shark teeth. I found a few .. very sharp.

What a day... back from playing in the water and watching loops but there's nothing much to watch..

Is it juust me or do all hurricane people go into tourist traps and see mugs and think "wow are there any with hurricane names??"

Going to sleep... too much sun and fun and well soon it will be August and then September... and we will be seeing storms... have a good time but remember.................  Remember September...


Sweet Tropical Dreams...

Ps... truth is with it so dry still in the Atlantic... a close in storm forming could happen...

rolling eyes... "good night gracie........................"

PPS.. I think I got a little too much sun ..


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