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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dorian & Flossie... Similarities and Cousin It

TC Activity

First off worth noting the yellow circle is up to 20% and last night while talking to my friend online there was a short while where the remnants of Dorian had green on the Funk Top after a long, sustained period of convection that has continued into the early morning hours of Sunday.

I find it sort of odd that Dorian..or Ex-Dorian looks better this morning (and yesterday) than she did during most of her trek across the dry Atlantic. Why we are watching Cape Cod I don't know. I'm sure there are some perfectly obvious reasons...but it can't be that important other than maybe Northern Maine or the North Atlantic will see what to them is barely a rain storm from this zero percent yellow circle. Somewhere, out there on the beach  might be a sweet but strange tall man walking in a pale yellow tee shirt with cute eyes that crinkle a bit when he smiles and he is staring out at the water trying to find the yellow circle that could have been the E storm ...but which just sailed away like a ship gone off to sea.

Actually...there is STILL green on the funktop for "Dorian" or what is now back to 91L as an Invest. I don't remember Dorian ever having green ever so maybe this is a new system that the old system spit out.. sort of like one part of a Siamese twins or a morphing sort of effect. Double vision?

So now we have a firing up "Tropical Disturbance" headed into the islands or north of the islands (let's not split crosshairs) and we are watching Flossie which is miles away on the other side of the world..obviously the other Siamese Twin that was Transported by Meteorological Martians to the Pacific where the same tantric dance is going on between a large dry high and a small storm insistent it can travel through a Dry Hurricane.

These storms need shrinks fast...  Talk on self-destructive tendencies...

Notice that Dorian now is almost past the deadly high... almost above it or in it somehow (I'm sounding silly, I do know how this works but it rarely works like this) and moving west with convection.

Getting no respect... OH LOOK there is a NEW ULL beginning to form in the Atlantic to it's NNW with an old left arm still waving at Dorian and.... Dorian had a look last night.

Now...let's go to the other side of the world and ... look at Flossie.

Flossie leaves the pack behind and stares Hawaii straight in the eye.

Now look at the water vapor...

Central Pacific Satellite

A sea of dryness and yet Flossie is pulling up.. sucking up moisture from the long trail of moisture in the monsoon trough region... but she is having problems. I am imagining Flossie is a girl storm..hard to tell this year.

In front of Flossie.. just like Dorian ... is a diving Upper Level Low seen better in this loop or image below if you are still half away and not up to looping.

Now compare bigger pictures...

Here is 91L or the system previously known as Dorian... ""Where's the High?" Below him...around him but not as bad as it was last week at this time when he was trying to make it west against all odds. Now he is west and he can't get any respect.

20130728.1145.goes13.wv.fd.x.jpg image

Look at Flossie... where's the High?  Below her and cutting into her moisture trying to choke her off in as if she is the victim in a Stephen King movie... oh I meant book...sorry ;)

20130728.1200.goes15.wv.fd.x.jpg image

Dorian... who never ever had recon in his cloud mass ever it seems... solely being stalked by a satellite in outer space relaying information back to the the powers that be.

20130728.1315.goes13.x.vis1km_high.91LINVEST.30kts-1012mb-193N-595W.100pc.jpg thumbnail

Flossie Far Away in the Pacific
20130728.1315.goes15.x.ir1km_bw.06EFLOSSIE.55kts-996mb-197N-1460W.88pc.jpg image

Track for Flossie... you got to wonder how she did it and why she didn't share her secret with her distant cousin from the wrong side of the family tree Dorian.

This is a relatively short blog post with lots of pictures and lots of questions. I can explain in depth the differences in deeply meteorological mumbo jumbo... something to remember...

1992. Andrew & Iniki. Except Flossie is no Iniki and Dorian never lived up to Andrew or well no not really cause Andrew was not Andrew as we knew him until he was way further north and west. But, still rarely does Hawaii get hit.

And, Flossie should come in as a weak storm ...already mets are pointing out her lack of color and how the dryness is taking a bite out of her.. Yeah they use the same language in their reports for the Pacific as we do.

Dorian kicking up his heels like a flamenco dancer looking for a partner in the Atlantic.

I'll leave you with Dorian and a comment. I am going to try and just refer to these Canes as "IT" which is something I have done in my own personal life at times regarding certain people for my own real reasons.  Yeah, haha... Cousin It. Because it is going to get busier and I often write late at night or early in the morning and really this is not psychology where Male Storms are from Mars and Gal Storms are from Venus.

I mean really you can try and hide but.... it's really not that easy.

No they want to have equal time... I'm taking liberty with the pronouns as I usually do.

You want to dress up a girl storm and call it a guy storm or vice versa because it fits with some political protocol... FINE... to me a HURRicane is ALWAYS a GIRL. Maybe a TYPHOON should be a GUY. But, I like being a girl.. I enjoy it and I like to think hurricanes are female by nature and for many a good reason.

And... when you look back at Mitch and Andrew... really was that a good idea using those male names? Annie might just have stayed a playful Category 3?

Have a great morning and a note here to Yaffah... (not the one that needs wigs) ... may you be smilin this morning where ever you be...

Besos Bobbi

Ps Oh and I have one last set of riddles.  If you find PTravel I'd really love to talk to him about when to plan a vacation to Florida or when to stay in North Carolina cause I don't want to miss anything in either place but if you could arrange another Key West Vacation I would really, really love it!  And....

WHY DOES DORIAN or the system previously known as Dorian look more contentious than Flossie?

Hmmmnnn?  (Nice wave over Africa... "it" will be fun to track)


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Keith said...

Good Day

Outstanding analysis! I concur with your findings. NOAA's definitions of these tropical systems can cause lives. I am reporting the same analysis to my leadership here at GTMO.



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