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Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Dorian Losing His Circulation? In a Sea of Dryness? Can he Refire or will the ULL Kill Him?

Again the cone has not changed much, mostly because the immediate forecast is for Dorian to unravel into an open wave in the next few days. Some say he is already an open wave, others argue that and for the time being the NHC kept him as a TS for the 5 PM Advisory.

TC Activity

This shows how little of a signature that Dorian has currently. If Dorian doesn't fire up some convection he is a goner and it will give a lot of credence to the models that predicted it would open up into an open wave. And, with the way this season has been going and we are in late July looking for the E storm..that is a good thing. If Dorian did nothing, but give us a dress rehearsal...good we need one. Go shopping for what you need and prepare so you have a plan and can avoid the rush when the next storms form and make it closer to the US.

SHOULD... Dorian refire and keep it together it will go WEST across the islands or the North Coast of Cuba and THRU THE STRAITS into the GULF OF MEXICO. That's a big if as it is approaching a wall of wind shear from the UPPER LEVEL LOW to it's NW. ULL's can ventilate a storm... doubtful but possible.

Weak storms go west as they are steered by the lower level winds. Remember that. Memorize it. Thanks!

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

He is so close to warm water....

Marine Weather Map

I think the shear may be a bigger problem than just the dry air. Watch this loop and see how close Dorian is to tapping into the orange warm moisture just past the blue wall.. so close..

Is there a reality show more interesting than weather? I don't think so... he is so close...

And, he's lost in a sea of dry air... a sea of heartbreak...


Poor Dorian... come so far to drown in a sea of darkness??

I'll be back Saturday Night... will see what is left of ...Dorian...

Til then any information you could possibly need is on

Sweet Tropical Dreams Dorian..

Bobbi Storm
PLEASE read the previous post as it explains why Dorian is drowning in the middle of the ocean in need of moist tropical air..


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