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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TS Dorian Has Company as Invest 99L Forms in the Atlantic -- Yellow Circle 20%

TC Activity

Yellow Circle, 20%

Note that the tropics are fluid and now we have Invest 99L out in the middle of the ocean and possibly in a position to become a factor on the future steering currents for faraway Dorian.

The track would imply that Erin...should it get a name would be off to see the new Royal Baby George as... it would track all the way to England and Europe. Talk about a year of long trackers...

Dorian is West Bound... 99L is East Bound around the Huge Atlantic High.

Tropics are big... more storms could form close in or far away from the wave that is behind Dorian.

Stay tuned...

Loop some loops. More later.  You can find great loops and information at Spaghetti Models. I know.. I do.

Maybe it's an illusion, but it looks like Dorian is busting through the High or the High is simply moving West...oozing around as all those atmospheric features do reminding us what a fluid world atmospheric dynamics is..and why we are fascinated by Hurricanes.

Besos Bobbi

Busy breaking news day in the world of Tropical Weather...


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