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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tropical Storm Dorian.. Intensifying sooner than expected...

That's a pretty rapid intensification and wrapping up of a storm that wants a destiny. Everything else remains the same until the new updated Discussion and Advisories which should be issued by 11 AM or a little sooner.

What amazes me here is LOOK at his banding... and talking on the North side where the water was considered too dry and too cold.

20130724.1200.msg3.x.vis1km_high.04LDORIAN.45kts-1002mb-140N-290W.100pc.jpg image

Look at his wind up and look at him go. Looks like we got a swimmer who wants an eye...hmmnnn

Read the previous post.. everything still applies...except now we are dealing with the real thing.. except that if he does continue this development he should... move more to the north which could help the islands... be a problem for the Carolinas and the East Coast down the line as well as Florida. As Jimmy Buffett sings... we are all in it...this far out.

A Cape Verde Tropical Storm in July...westbound, developing against the odds. Something to pay attention to...

Besos Bobbi
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