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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chasing Thunderstorms... Cantore in Flossie & Dorian in Atlantic

A REALITY CHECK....  2 Images Side By Side of Flossie and of "Ex" Dorian

Central Pacific on the LEFT.... West Atlantic on the RIGHT....
Small red dot is Flossie... Bigger Red Blob is the remnants of Dorian..
I pieced that myself...

Where's the Storm we need to track?

Now, let's take them one by one..
FIRST... let's start with the Atlantic Basin. 40% Orange Circle.....

In the Pacific ... on the beautiful island of Hawaii ...Jim Cantore is waiting to "chase" Flossie.

Latest satellite image for the Central Pacific basin.

As my youngest son would say... "why are we naming thunderstorms??"

Okay, he's a little judgemental... he's 18. And, he's raised in Miami and played in the eye of a Hurricane and he can tell the difference between a hurricane and the remnants of a Tropical Storm...   it WAS a Tropical Storm and officially still is... so keep waiting Jim... cause you are going to get as much surf in your face there as you did from Irene in Naples and we know how that worked out...

But..........there will be beautiful pictures of beaches and Hawaii and that IS "tropical" and there will be rain and the surf will be UP because Flossie has pushed surf along with her all the way from the coast of Mexico. The islands were survive ...all of them. Hope Hawaii 5-0 can get some good footage from this for next season. There WILL be a next season ... unlike BURN NOTICE that is trying to bore us to death this season so we won't miss the show so much when it's over.............

And, WHY someone tell me do they keep showing coconut palms in the background of Graceland shots... there are NO coconut palms in Malibu or West LA so where are they filming some of those shots I keep wondering? My tropically bored mind wants to know..   Then again for my own mental health I am forbidden to look at IMDB so someone will have to send me the information... or not.

Let's look closer at Dorian on the IR.

On the Visible... Close up and personal and BY THE WAY...the Floater is back to being DORIAN

See.... Dorian? No more Invest 91 or 93 or 94 or more...

Dear Jim..

Enjoy your tropical vacation and enjoy whatever wind and rain you get.. Wishing I was there. Even in a weak, mild, remnants of Tropical Storm it's still better than being in Atlanta!

Love Bobbi

Song to loop by... (it's a riddle, got to click to know..)

Whose playing who? Whose cheating who? Listening to Alan Jackson this morning while watching loops.

"something you don't understand" "whose cheating who? whose being true? who doesn't even care anymore?"

Love Alan Jackson...

So............  when we get back to reality and we are past the Hawaiian Hoopla of FLOSSIE...a struggling Tropical Storm trying to hold on and got to give her credit. A lot like Dorian in the Atlantic...however.... the TWC is a terrible spurned lover and refuses to even look over their right shoulder at Dorian. Boy, Dorian really must have pissed them off...   "makes you wonder ...."  

When the drama is over.. maybe they can send Stephanie back to Florida to cover Dorian IF he official reforms. Dorian going to the Bahamas...following the trail of moisture where his early renewed bands are leading him???

Maybe Dorian will come to me if I don't do anything. Don't hop on the bus gus... or the train James or grab a plane south to Miami. Maybe...Dorian will come to me...

Then again there is no Dorian.. we are tracking Flossie......

And, makes you wonder in ways why two storms on the opposite sides of the world are having almost the exact same problem? Except... Dorian seems to be getting her groove back.

Here's the view of the world..

Where's the storm? On the RIGHT... not much left of Flossie on the left... but don't tell TWC..

Seems to be the way of the world

(yes I played an Earth, Wind and Fire song... not listening just played it... two worlds apart you see??)

Where is "Dorian" going? He's lifting North of West... he's bigger in size than he was and if he does official reforms he may be a different storm. Reborn... Note the fronts, the flow...which ways does he go?

He's not going to Cuba... Florida & GOM or the Bahamas or the Carolinas

Models of the Morning...

How Strong:
Ships takes him to 60 mph on the last few models...

Of course the GFS doesn't like Dorian.. never has..  never will it seems. The HWRF intensifies him near hurricne force and has him in the Gulf off the West Coast of Florida...

Truth is whatever this is ... Dorian... may be with us for days and for now it's a bigger Thunderstorm than Flossie... but oh what a day at the beach Flossie will make for people who love strong waves and surf and the surf will be up!

Here in Raleigh we had thunderstoms last night also...they didn't have a name though....

That's a frontal boundary... the leaves are turning yellow and floating down to the ground like yellow butterflies...  hmnnnn...

The much hoped for E storm seems to be having a problem off the coast of Africa... might be somewhere else... only time will tell..

As for me... where I come from we eat cuban coffee with grits and I'll be back later... when we know something more definitive and when we start dealing with reality in the tropics...

Besos Bobbi

No cornbread...way too fattening.. but oh so yummy and really craving a good pastellito.. honestly should be some truth in advertising rule for writing about the tropics.... buy hype as always rules and everyone seems to have a grudge against Dorian... "he's working hard to make a livin... "


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