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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall Near Kingston Jamaica.. More Models..

The Island of Jamaica:

Some comments from on Sandy's effects there:

  • From: Sue Morris <helicoptersue at>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:26:43 -0500
This is a wild ride but gladly we are experiencing it during daylight which is always so much better.

Winds are really strong in Ochi now, seas are rough! St. Mary is taking a beating with power outages, mudslides flooding. Oracabessa has been without power since 10 AM - cable just went off and we are amazed that it stayed on so long.

Sandy must be just about making landfall as is is far more intense than earlier - folks in the area where we live have taken this seriously which is good, there are reports that others have not which is always sad. Hope all will be well.

Leaves are stripping off the trees and going who knows where - can't venture out to see what is on the south side of the property but will do so when I am able

Lots of rain right now with sustained winds, no break for quite some time

Stay safe everyone


A link from The Miami Herald which closely follows the whole Caribbean, especially Jamaica.

The models are very troubling. Even the Wunder Model the GFS shows a close call with South Florida.

THEN... comes close to OBX and then...
seems to want to make landfall around Portland Maine 

That's the the way...

The other models are below:

 Another view:

I'll be back after the 5PM Advisory with it's associated new track and any new information.

This is NOT a joke. I've heard more online mets go on and on how they always turn out to sea.

Many of them do... they usually do...but models consistently hit land and whether it's Extratropical or Tropical it will cause a lot of damage and possible loss of life. More so, a FAST moving Extratropoical blended sort of storm moving fast can take a lot of people by surprise in the New England area if everyone has been convinced it was going to go out to sea.

Keep watching... MOST of the computer models bend the tracks back and hit land... 

Inland this may create a blizzard like storm with high snow totals ... 

Yes, talking snow and hurricanes... it must be close to November.

Besos Bobbi


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