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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Low Chances in the BOC ... Fronts Rule This Week.. N ATL Gales.... State Fair in North Carolina.

Tropics Sunday Night.
Small chances of development....
.... just typical for this time of year.

Fronts and convection near the Yucatan.

Also typical this year
fronts on the move.
Marching across the USA
One after another.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

This is the next few days.
A front enters....
...a front exits.
... Next front enters.
Cold fronts become warm fronts.
We watch curiously...
...while enjoying the cooler weather.

This last severe weather outbreak in Texas...
...many thought that would be part of a tropical system.
But instead we had Nestor...
not that strong, but a player.

Many thought this next strong front..
...would sweep up a tropical system.
The opportunity is there in theory.
But in reality ... well reality bites.
Still an interesting set up.
So watching it.

It's interesting that Cranky thinks...'s interesting.

So what will be we have to see.
I'll be back to updating every day.
System or Invest or just the pattern.
Season end son November 30th.

I don't think it's all over.
But I'll admit my "to do list"
Is filled with non tropical stuff.
And whatever forms will be random
Or your typical system at the end of a front.
In the Caribbean.

What really steals the attention tonight.. that huge low moving across the Atlantic.

Watching models you just stare.
This is a signature also this year.
Euro shows that...

Takes my breath away looking at that.

GFS  shows it.
Also some weather down in BOC.
Again typical.

Euro shows this possibility.

Moisture on both sides of Mexico.
Kind of like what gave us Nestor.

While enjoying the cooler weather.
Fair weather for the State Fair..
...enjoying pumpkin everything.
I'll watching models and loops.

The holidays were beautiful here in Raleigh.
The expected bad weather went South...
...and North.
Tornado warnings down to the South of me.
We had a fast moving squall line.
Then blue skies and cooler air.

Thanks for your patience and it's always nice interacting with you all on Twitter and in private groups discussing weather both tropical and otherwise. Love weather and luckily I'm in Carolina enjoying Fall and all that Fall has to offer.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Cute video... stick with it... you really get the reality of the fair. People go for the food, not the rides... I walk around taking pictures and taking it all in...

Okay...the rides are fun but the concerts and fire works are great too.

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