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Friday, September 21, 2018

Autumn Equinox Coming Soon... Peak of the Season As Always. 4 Systems in the Atlantic Being Watched. Subtropical Kirk? Or Oh What a CV Wave? Leftovers Being Served in West Atlantic.

It's officially autumn tomorrow morning and we have a falling leaves colored pattern in the Atlantic on the NHC Main Page. How fitting. Did you know old time weather lovers would often call Hurricanes Equinox Storms as they seemed to come at the time of the Autumn Equinox. Today's meteorologists call this Peak of the Season. We've come so far and yet as the 3rd week of September approaches you can almost always expect trouble somewhere in the tropics. Mariners knew to try and stay away from those hot spots otherwise their ships tended to go down into Neptune's realm.

It's kind of amazing when you think on it that without satellite imagery or radar they knew by keeping track of the weather and comparing with other like minded weather people that there was a pattern this time of year that led to wild, raging storms that moved up from the tropics to the higher latitudes. There was no The Weather Channel nor were their message boards or social media, but they knew because they watched and studied the weather patterns. And, in the end that is what it is all about a pattern that is repeated over time since time began.

Now days meteorology is all about math, however back in the beginning meteorology was about the simple recording of daily weather patterns in journals over time and studied over time after the fact as they watched to see if the pattern would repeat itself.

Keeping with the color scheme here today...
.. let's look at the red and orange areas.

This area has been given the highest changes... the five day of development.
Earthnull shows this area to have a very broad circulation.
But strong winds and the always popular...
..Subtropical status infamous in 2018.

Could this be Kirk?
Bet Captain Kirk would prefer being a CV Storm.
I don't think Kirk gets a vote on Kirk.

Next we have that blue blob in the bottom right corner.
Not sticking with the color scheme is it.
It rolled off of Africa yesterday.
Blew a lot of people away.

That's one big wave.
Look at it last night.

I went to Spaghetti Models... jerked my eyes away.
Compelled me to stop what I was doing.
And stare.....

 So yeah the Subtropical system is at 70%
First candidate for the name Kirk.
Unless Kirk is cloaked in orange below.

Where is it going?
Westbound for now.
Kind of classic CV track.

It will have to contend with SAL.
Still here deep in September.
Rare but happens.

So does 99L ride low...
...cloaked in SAL.
Or does it ignore SAL.
Such a tropical drama.
Far away.
But people are watching this morning.

Not all waves that look this good develop.
Okay it is kind of developed already.
But can it swim??
I'm in a mood.
Deal with it.

Next we have the West side of the Atlantic.
Given weaker chances of development.
Basically fragments of Florence...
... and 98L that we are pretending isn't.
X Isaac.
Fragments, leftovers.
Or think of them as refurbished?

Never waste good leftovers?

Let's get back to these loopers.
But if 98L develops.
I am so going to the ocean to see it!
Annoyed I didn't get to see Flo the 1st time.
Maybe tomorrow IS another day!!
Keep watching.
Always been persistent.

I think the biggest question is...
...does Invest 99L have legs.
Can it dance?
Leslie? Is that you?
Keep watching.
Awesome beautiful wave.
Waves are beautiful far away.
We can ooh and aww about them now.
But if it gets to our side of the world?
What then?

Think of the intro as the NHC main page 

Stick with it ... it gets better.

In 2018 it seems Anything Goes.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Stick around. I'll update this afternoon.
On the dancing waves in the Atlantic.

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