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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tropics Quiet. What Are You Doing For July 4th! Fireworks? Beach? Wave Watching.

Remember that wave that the NHC thought had potential.

No yellow circles. Quiet day in the tropics....

You know those daily struggles we all have? Whether you are trying to stay on a diet, go daily to the gym or trying to stay on a budget - you know it's an up and down process. Some days we are better at working towards our goals and other days we feel down in the dumps and overcome; our energy zapped with no will power. Then in a few days the Moon goes into Virgo and we suddenly feel the need to clean out the attic and organize the back of the closet. Okay, it might not be an astrological aspect but when the moon goes into Virgo I know I suddenly want to stay home and organize. I'm a Capricorn so maybe Virgo just works well for me and I'm feeling better. Virgo rules those wild waves that role of Africa and take aim at one of five basic paths. September remember...

I know you are thinking this is way too much astrology for your skeptical Virgo brain, but I've had way too much discussion on the most talked about Eclipse since the one the ancients wrote about after the fact and gave up eating, sex, drinking and ran for their lives when they didn't know why the devil took the sun away and hid it. So you can indulge me a little while I debate getting a hat or a V neck tee shirt for the most over merchandised event we have had since the Millennium and I'm sure many of you remember that!

I'm into astronomy, astrology and events that leave indelible imprints in our brains as a collective we love events that unify us in buying tee shirts and booking passages (money permitting) for cruises to watch the whales and an eclipse at the same time. But this has become the merchandising event of the year. And the travel sites that pay big bucks to TWC are paying trust me there are Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon and Charleston that are already sold out.

So let's talk most likely hurricane paths across the Atlantic Ocean.

a) Through the Islands, under a strong High Pressure straight into Central America.
b) Through the islands, curving up just a bi taking aim through the Yucatan Passage at the GOM.
c) Up and over the islands or just brushing the islands, missing the big ones towards FLORIDA.
d) Aiming for the islands but some trof grabs them pulls them NW bypassing FL to Carolinas.
e) Swim little fishy out to sea, be a Cat three but no one watches me....cause I'm a Fish Storm.

Basically with a little variation those five paths are the basics. Now sometimes you get two of the above that merge together such as Betsy and Andrew. Or sometimes you get a Donna like storm that looks like it's going to New Orleans after bulldozing it's way through the Florida Keys and then the track snaps back across Florida and runs the Eastern Seaboard. The point is the track down the road is up for grabs.

This is the wave and it's nemesis that is you note larger than the wave, stronger and going to win the battle with the tropical wave emerging off of Africa. One one side of the ring we have a small, nicely wrapped contender with not enough weight on him. In the other side of the ring we have a contender with ripped muscles and looking hungry.

You get the idea.
Poof goes the Yellow Circle 
We have a champion!
It's June. 
Those waves need to bulk up some!

And they will....

Add in the water is still cold this time of year.
Ever try going swimming on the Outer Banks in June?
Oh my goodness soooo cold.
It's not the beaches of Miami...

Looking at the loop above you can see the wave that never developed but stayed alive and is kicking up color and weather in the Islands. Still going strong... keep watching it and see how it matches up with the shear at the door of the Caribbean. Something fun to watch.. maybe.

Old danging front across Florida worth watching. 

And more waves coming off of Africa and there is one that looks to have some potential. And that would be why many are looking at long range models for after July 4th. Seems Uncle Sam paid someone off to keep those waves from forming until after his birthday. So stop worrying on the eclipse and figure out what your plans are for July 4th. I'm pretty sure there's a fire works show if you are into tons of smoke and noise or a concert with carefully choreographed fireworks and if not there's always that place in the hood where you live where every kid over the age of 10 has a treasure chest of fireworks he's shooting off for all the neighborhood to enjoy. Except that one neighbor that calls the cops and then the cops come, park down the block and watch the fireworks and then drive away. Happens. And yes I posted this song for the message and for great pics of the Fontaineblue in the 1980s. I grew up a few blocks away, had my prom there and one of my son's knows all the hidden exits to get in to watch concerts. Miami Kids. One generation hung out in the Boom Boom Room and other generations sneak into concerts on the beach and Victoria's Secrets fashion shows. Growing up in Miami is not like any other place in the world. I'm prejudiced....

Pics from the vault.
Powerhouse discussion on where to set up the big ones.
July 4th in the Meyer house was always interesting.
Then there was the year my daughter sold fireworks in Dania.
Summer jobs. 
Half Price off discounts.
Cousin's front yard show was bigger than the Orange Bowl.
Well ...seemed like it.


In the front yard on the circular driveway upsetting half the neighborhood or taking all the big vans into the backyard and turning the lights on to light up the yard and blasting the music. Kids grow up and then they get lazy and watch from the show below from their balconies up high in their tropical balconies looking down on the Golf Course where little kids shoot off rockets.

So you just keep on counting, 1 2 3 4 and one of those waves will be something to do something big, bad and dangerous. And then might just curve out to sea and be a fish storm like those sharks at the beach that scared everyone out of the water and then swam off to another beach to scare some other bathes. Analog to the shark scenario would be Hurricane David ;)

1979 a year to remember ... think of this year perhaps.

So enjoy the day, enjoy the week and I'll be back when something starts to spin or some model somewhere goes "oh my goodness" and til then make plans for the 4th of July and enjoy the possibility of a weekend to party, laugh and buy tee shirts!

Love and Kisses... 
Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps Growing up we could see the fireworks shot off at the Fontainebleau from our sidewalk. Some kids have a mall, Miami Beach kids have Lincoln Road, the Eden Roc and the Fontaineblue ;) And once in a while a visit by the ultimate tourist of all.. a West Indies Hurricane! And I believe after July 4th the fireworks in the tropics will truly begin..a bit early this year!!

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