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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Caribbean Blob of Convection. Jim Williams 2017 Predictions for the Hurricane Season.

Being late May people are watching the loops.
And this ball of convection is entertaining.
There is shear present.
Storms are pushing off to the East.
You can see that above and below.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

High Pressure is to the North.
High pressure is pressing down into the Caribbean.
Does have a look doesn't it?
Note the graphic below.

People have asked me so here's my thoughts.
It's early, but convection is in the Caribbean.
There is a "purple splotch" on the maps.
A blob of Caribbean Convection.
Sounds like a Jimmy Buffett song doesn't it?

As I said on Twitter I'm tired of ignoring it.

Embedded in a trof.. 
(old frontal boundary) a hot mess of convection.

It looks better than it is...
Actually whatever center there is to the West.
Not really a "center" as much as in impulse.

Shear could decrease a bit for a day or so.
Allowing some dramatic May water vapor loops.
But the odds are not in it's favor.

The models:

The Euro sees it and then loses it.

It's a temporary feature.
If anything changes I'll update.
But, it's real hard to ignore.
So I thought I'd clear that up for everyone.

Sadly there is flooding going on in Jamaica.
Stationary convection that's intense.

You don't need a tropical storm to cause misery.
A situation that needs to be monitored.
Flooding is flooding with or without a name.
That time of year...

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins SOON...
..we are in fact on the B storm.
So unofficially it already began.

Time to think seriously... 
Jim Williams has a video up.
He gives his top city picks for possible landfall.
His predictions for the season.
More seasons than not he is dead on.
And often more "on" than "official predictions"
So those who know...
...know to pay attention to him!

He lists the cities he is most concerned with for 2017.
Watch the video. 

Note the picture of Jim on a panel with Max Mayfield.
That's a panel of experts answering questions.
When it comes to hurricanes he is an expert.
So check out his site and his predictions.

I know I do.

Keep watching those loops.
And in places like Tampa where it's 95 degrees..
.. I'd worry on the hurricane season.

Besos BobbiStorm
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