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Friday, July 04, 2014

Flooding, Beach Erosion & Power Outages From Weather in the Bands of Arthur NY, NJ, CT, MA, ETC..

"The initial motion estimate is 040/23 kt. The hurricane should
continue to move northeastward during the next 24 to 36 hours in
deep-layer southwesterly flow ahead of the approaching deep-layer
trough. After that time, the post-tropical cyclone is forecast to
slow down and eventually turn east-northeastward.  There is still
a large amount of spread in the track guidance after 48 hours. The
updated NHC forecast is between the ECWMF and GFS models, and leans
toward guidance provided by the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center."

Note they said "flow ahead of the approaching deep-layer trough"

They did not say it was absorbed.. no all this weather is from the bands flying off the top of Hurricane Arthur.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

 Yes, Tropical Storm Warnings are up for Cape Cod and then it is supposed to move up to Nova Scotia.. if the favorite model is right. One model takes it to Newfoundland. Hmnnn

This remains the big question regarding Hurricane Arthur is how close he will get to Cape Cod & Maine. Easy to say far off shore, but they said he would probably stay off shore of the Outer hard to really know for sure until he is gone.

The easy part of the question is that it will be answered really fast as it in the Express Lane right now.

NJ, NY, PA & MA have power outages from weather associated with Hurricane Arthur... yet there was no mention of this in the NHC advisories or discussion. Not even something about potential flash flooding inland in _______ or __________ due to intense rain associated with the passage of distant bands of Hurricane Arthur.

Yes, you are supposed to go to the National Weather Service for more information about the weather in your area, but how many do? And, the local television weather mets are a part of the problem as all MOST of them do is reword the discussion from the NHC and don't address the reality of the possibility of this sort of flooding ... a day or two out.

You are supposed to go to the National Weather Service for "local impacts" when a hurricane is nearby.

It looks like this...

Oh look! There are warnings all along the coastal waters off of Long Island, Cape Cod, CT, MA, Rhode Island and all the way up to Maine. Did you know that? Check it out for yourself.

In New York along those south facing beaches the surf was crazy today with a steady, strong wind off shore blowing mist off of the waves that were trying to work their way to shore.  The danger flag was blowing, few people were in the water other than surfers trying to surf in a hurricane. I checked out the broken boardwalk still exposed from Hurricane Sandy... an interesting July 4th at the Beach. Oh, by the way it never looks like this except if a hurricane is near or as my daughter said "feels like tropical weather" and as she went through Hurricane Andrew on Miami Beach she knows the feel of tropical rain.

They are hoping to get the Bonner Bridge open to the Outer Banks by Sunday, but they still haven't been able to totally assess the damage done to said bridge from Hurricane Arthur...

The weather we had at the beach, the strong rain storm and blowing wind came from that light orange yellow band that reaches through Long Island. Nice ride to the beach..nice squall.. from Arthur. Notice it is moving north not yet absorbed in the front as a tropical entity. 

And... now a few hours later from our trek down to the beach... the sun is coming out and we are getting ready for the Jewish Sabbath after way too much shopping at SEASONS in the 5 Times. They say 5 times, but it's really just four as no one really wants to include Inwood it seems......

Note we did not get the succulent sushi, but we did get some nice treats and extras to cook with including checkerboard cake for dessert and chocolate rugelach for breakfast tomorrow.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... I really don't feel so badly for Jim Cantore stuck on Cape Hatteras, because if you have to be stuck somewhere after one hell of a hurricane ride.. its an awesome place to be. A great breeze, a beautiful view and nothing like being in Miami in late August after Hurricane Andrew with no electric..AC or fans or running water. But..oh...he was in the studio back in the days of 1992 ;)


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