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Friday, August 09, 2013

Good Weekend to Prepare For BUSY Hurricane Season Coming SOON to a City Near You.. Could be YOU

TC Activity

There is NOTHING going on this morning in the tropics except discussion by weather people on when things will ramp up and where the storms will go.

While it is quiet... PREPARE NOW!  Use your time WISELY! Do NOT run around like a chicken without a head when there is a Hurricane Watch or Warning... be ahead of the game.

Go this incredibly good site from Publix that goes over everything you need for a storm. I use Publix as every Florida person loves and trusts Publix so if you don't trust them..

Believe NASA

Trust smart weather people like Phil Ferro from WSVN in Miami who KNOW... it's important to be prepared be it protection for your windows or food for the home that will not spoil or how you will handle lack of electricity if the power goes out for a week or two... (yes I said a week or two) and yes I am trying to scare you. Because trust me...if you wake up late on a Sunday morning after a night out partying on South Beach and find out that at 5 AM they issued a Hurricane Warning on some small storm that was supposed to not directly affect your area and you slept until 3 PM and you get to Publix and the shelves are bare.. as simply as I can say this.. "Sucks for you!"

You could have gone out this Sunday, prepared and bought what you needed and then woken up at 3 PM and heard about the Hurricane Warning for the small tropical storm everyone said would not intensify and simply smile and think "I'm covered" rather than go into a mass panic.

IF the storm does not hit... donate the supplies rather than eat them to the nearest food bank!

about an hour ago via mobile 

Finally after so many years, getting the whole house outfitted with impact resistant windows. Adios shutters!


This is a picture that Phil Ferro put up on his Facebook. It's had over 50 comments, think a lot of people just ran out to buy water at Publix. When a Weather Forecaster shows concern over things like buying impact resistant windows and getting rid of shutters in Miami it is enough to scare everyone into possibly getting a hurricane plan. I hope so.

This IS the quiet time and that Upper Level Low is JUST an Upper Level Low AKA ULL. It could just as easily have been a small tropical storm or hurricane had the Saharan Dust Outbreak been not as strong.

This is an ULL swirling towards Florida. You can thank big, tuff Cousin Sal for keeping South Florida safe so far...

And, CLIMO shows that the dust lessens as the wave train starts and moistens up the dryness and suddenly after weeks of dry dust moving across the basin that train will switch over to the A Train and we will have tropical waves, tropical storms and Hurricanes.

This awesome loop from shows the path of the dust so far ...

Is that awesome or what? They are awesome. Check them out.

That is the dust moving along south of the strong High and the High changes a bit going into late August and early September.

Current areas to watch are:

What is your biggest priority?

Baby food?
Gas for your car?
Electrical back up if the power goes out for a week or more.................??
Evacuation Plan?
Duct Tape (not for windows...) ??

Think on it now when it's quiet.

If nothing happens and you don't get hit with a storm feel free to bitch and complain and whine...

If you do get hit and you were prepared... go ahead and thank me or Publix or Phil or anyone and everyone in the media who is asking you to prepare now when things are calm...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... kids in town, busy here... preparing to move my daughter into NSCU and then... going to Florida :)
No nothing tropical on the horizon, I have a friend getting married and beaches to see and family to hang out the season ramps up ;)


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