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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (DURHAM BULLS) While Tropics Are Quiet

Look carefully at the image above. No, not the yellow 10% circle in the Eastern Caribbean, that is moving sort of slowly I may add, but the fact that Gil is gone. One down... Henriette is next.

There is always a method to my madness and what I put up here. Okay, not mad as in "crazy" but as in odd and silly little things I do that don't seem to make sense practically speaking...but do. Sometimes I put up an image of the NHC front page, other times I cut and paste. One is for the record, the other is so that I can check back fast and see if it has been upgraded as it changes in real time. So if you go back a few days later to a post and the yellow circle is up to 10% vs Zero is because I knew they would move it up and wanted to be able to reference it fast somewhere.

Gil is gone... tho they are watching for the I and J storm. The faster than basin shuts down the quicker the Atlantic ramps up. And, there are signs that it will begin to gun it's engine very soon.

Hard not to stare at the Upper Level Low moving towards South Florida like it's some kind of Category 2 Hurricane with a well defined eye. Nope... an Upper Level Low.

I'm not trying to scare South Florida. I'm just saying that if the current set up continues for the next several weeks there could be a big problem down the road. Also, if a Category 3 forms it will be pulled more poleward and there are active fronts that could scoop up a Category 3 more northward. But, if we have weak nilly Tropical Storms or meager Category 1 Hurricanes they will follow the dust flow and follow the Upper Level Low pattern which is across South Florida or through the Florida Straits into the Gulf and go Gonzo Wild in the Gulf which has VERY HOT water temps all the way towards Houston or somewhere round Houston. IF something forms in the SW Caribbean or the Caribbean in general Western Florida could be in play.

The dance of ULLS is almost mesmerizing in a basin devoid of Tropical Activity.

Had a great day yesterday and I do mean great. Went to a Durham Bulls game which is some thing you can only do in RDU Land and when they are in town when the weather is clear and the temperatures are almost September like.

Most of Raleigh is at the beach at some relatives beach house (and there are a lot of beaches here) or up in the mountains (NC has a lot of mtns) and all the camps are over so the place is mostly busy with the real local fans and regulars and ... it was "Bark in the Park" night so a lot of bow wow dogs.

High 70s around sunset, a breeze, beer... snacks... great music... what can be better? Ok..Fenway Park maybe but I'm not there I'm here and you got to love the one your with...right? (That was the song you sent me... )

Yup was a real "Take me out to the ballgame" sort of night...

Cute pooch... very cute. Nice guy.  Posed for a picture ...

And... a little girl there named Mallory was there with her family. Her brother is on a sports team and at the age of 8 they were guests of Chris Archer of the Tampa Bay Rays who is a local and supports a group called I believe "The Archers" or something like that. He treated the whole team to a game last night and the kids got to do the "Running of the Kids" or something like that.. basically the team got to run across the field. Adorable kids... very thrilled and something most will remember forever. Mallory's brother is on the team and he ran...   Her mother and I talked a while. Mallory reminds me of my best friend Malka...maybe when she was little. Cute, adorable...talks to everyone and quick as a whip or however that old saying goes. People kept stopping and asking to take a picture of her...

she had a blast...and so did I.

As for the the wave that has a 10% yellow circle to hook up with South American Firecracker Energy and possibly develop and move into the Gulf of Mexico. Possible..not for sure but possible.  Also watch the Atlantic.. it's going to snap, crackle and pop in about a week. Signs are there. water temps are getting hotter and the ITZ is getting stronger, dust is maybe slowing down (the one fly in the ointment) and we are moving towards CLIMO time. Again, as said previous IF waves don't develop further out they will when they get closer in..

The GOM is primed and ready to go ... but it needs that lift...that baking powder or yeast to make something start spinning. A weak westbound  wave might be just the thing to do it..


Besos Bobbi

Be back later with more information if there is more to write about..


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