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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Quiet Day In the Tropics

Our Basin:

Some west bound waves struggling west under the Saharan Dust which rules the Atlantic this week.



Africa looks bone dry....

How those waves manage to keep it together is beyond me. Worth watching off and on..

Click on the link below and read the story of what finally happened to Dorian and how he ran off with a Cold Front and is kicking up color in the Atlantic off the Outer Banks. Got to give the models an A+ for track as this IS the track they predicted he would take.. nice to know they are on target for later in the season when things really heat up.

Enjoy the link above... explains a lot.  I'll be back later when I can find something Tropical to talk about.'s 81 degrees here, low humidity and supposed to go down to 64 tonight... stays this way for a day or two. The fronts are not going away and yellow leaves are falling to the ground one by one. Feels more like late August. Weather sort of wacky right now ...keep watching.

Besos Bobbi


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