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Friday, April 19, 2013

Suspect Believed Down in Watertown... Strong Line of Severe Wxr Raced Through Here

Suspect believed down in Watertown ....   waiting on a robot to go in and see if there are any explosives on his body and waiting to find out if he is...or isn't dead.

Also worth noting a "foreign government" asked the FBI to check out the subject who died last night as someone with connections to radical terror...  like to know more on that and can imagine who that "foreign government" was.........

"ALIVE and surrounded and still moving"

Meanwhile... the line of storms that just came through Raleigh brought down trees, had strong sustained gusts of 47 and 55 mph in my neighborhood. I could barely open the door... it was being sucked out, leaves were flying off of trees and moving up into the sky in small circles. Like something out of a movie.

Damage reports are coming in... for your best news on local weather always!

Life is right now like something out of the movie...  here in Raleigh with the sound of the wind and on TV where the drama of terrorism in Boston being played out... and waiting to see if he is going to be taken dead or alive.......

And... am going off here for Shabbos...

Everyone say a prayer that this is indeed over......and that there are no more suspects or accomplices that also might be a problem.

It's not over... until it's over...

Note...this is barely 2 blocks from the original event... super crazy, nuts...

Stay safe and pray..

Good Shabbos

Besos Bobbi


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