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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We were so worried on the weather yesterday for the Boston Marathon... if life were only that simple!

We spend so much time in the weather business trying to predict the weather and conditions for the next day, the next week and sometimes even the next ten days and yet we cannot predict the erratic, sudden events like terror bombings that kill and maim.  I'd rather take a Category 3 Hurricane head on than deal with a terror attack any day, any where...

This small child was killed yesterday when the weather was beautiful and his father had just finished the Boston Marathon. News reports say he was running to hug him, congratulate him and suddenly... out of the blue... and explosion went off taking away his life and ripping apart the sanctity and security of his family's life forever. And, in that instant... or rather later this morning when his name and the details were released he became our family and our lives and our illusions of safety were ripped away from us faster than if a tornado suddenly formed and took our house from us and tossed it far away.

Martin Richard, 8, seen in a Facebook photo. He was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.

This is the picture that is being shown most often in the media... more will come, this says it all. I have a small grandson about that age... on a personal note. Tooth missing, awkward, sweet smile... a good sweet kid... like this child who was taken from us ...and his family... by someone using bombs to create terror...

Movie plots could come to mind... diversions... preludes...warnings...  a big race with lots of people ina  big city from around the world and suddenly "BAMN" an explosion. People are stunned, startled and panicked and this must be noted... many who have just finished the marathon are exhausted and can barely move... and then ... BAMN another larger bomb goes off.

Basic text book terror ploy. People often stop... stand around, look for what happened, rush towards the noise to see what happened and WHAM BAMN another SLAM... and everything explodes into slivers especially our false sense of security.

In the words of baseball... "homerun" you have created panic, fear and terror.

Usually this is the tell tale sign of Arabic Terror Groups... IRA I believe has used it... home grown misfits can use it as it is TEXTBOOK...

I don't want to get political here... but.... this was TERROR by it's most basic definition:


  1. Extreme fear: "people fled in terror"; "a terror of darkness".
  2. The use of such fear to intimidate people, esp. for political reasons: "weapons of terror".
horror - dread - fright - fear - panic - dismay - scare

Terror creates dread, horror and fright. People are afraid to go on about life as usual.

As the official yesterday at the Press Conference said... "life will go on tomorrow in Boston, but it won't be business as usual" and until we know more... life won't go on as normal anywhere today.

Airports in many cities have ranked up their security and insist planes and passengers may be randomly searched. Lines will be longer. Police are put on details where they normally don't spend time ... they will be taken from other places also needed. Resources are stretched thin.

People become afraid to travel, to visit busy places... they wonder nervously when their kids announce they have tickets to the HEAT game or a big movie... or a race.

I don't usually speak personally on my own life. Okay, well I do ..but not as much as I used to. I will today.

Watching the news yesterday was Deja Vu... it was a flashback to some of my worst moments.

Breaking News on CNN several years back would suddenly show a street scene in Israel, paramedics rushing about helping people and picking up pieces of missing limbs, body parts, blood... as the police milled about gathering pieces of debris and trying to create order out of chaos. And, I sat at home in my house in America not knowing where my kids were... if they were there that day or on another bus or asleep somewhere. Note to readers... my kids are rarely asleep and almost always out somewhere. Teenagers crying, screaming... bleeding.  My kids hung out on Ben Yehuda Street... I knew that. I had to wait.. like the people who had family or knew friends at the Marathon had to wait yesterday... and watch on TV and wonder in fear if their family members and friends were the ones who were hurt or the ones who escaped and survived.

A video worth watching:

Israel 2004....2004... ... looks a lot like Boston 2013.

Another video... a busy mall in Israel that was bombed... please watch. It's a small world and the world is getting a lot smaller every minute of the day. Note the explosion ... then the terror continues, another attack...  (video of the bomb blast in the Mall... you don't need to understand Hebrew trust me to get the picture)

Boston 2013. A bomb goes off... one of two... and the beat goes on...

Life always goes on... watch the next video called Six Years Later..

another.... remembering 2001 

Teenagers out at Sbarros in Jerusalem... you really need to watch this.

Terror and terrorists have no rules and no copyright on location.. 

it could happen anywhere, anytime... to anyone.

Bad people in Boston yesterday.... for whatever reason from whatever place and whatever background... create havoc, death, destruction for their own purposes.... not caring about a small 8 year old boy hugging his father and congratulating him on his victory.

They don't care. They disassociate with others... for political reasons, possibly because of mental illness or for some strange personal reason... they hate and others do not matter, their lives do not count. Hard to say right now ... easy to say that there may be a political message somewhere in the madness someone mad wanted to convey...

Their message came through loud and clear.

The response has to be on an individual level to show love to others... to do good for others, to reach out and help others. Be it money for a fund for the victims of this tragedy or on a local level to help at your local Church or Synagogue or Charity.. your mosque, your local homeless shelter... there is no end to the amount of places that are available to donate time... money and your resources to help humanity. Let the police and the FBI and all the investigators to do their job.

Our job is to do good deeds... bring more goodness into the world, because yesterday goodness was taken out of our world and evil won a small battle in a larger war that I refuse to lose.

A small boy, happy... proud... should be celebrating today and he should have been inspired by his father's personal victory of finishing the Boston Marathon. Today his mother lies injured from a severe brain trauma and his little sister lost a limb, his father somehow must go on and a small 8 year old child, one of three people who so far have died, will need to be buried.

The image below is MY GRANDSON... little boy, about the same age proudly showing off a picture he made of 770, a building we all love in Crown Heights. My son sent me the picture, knowing I would love it and yes I do.. I made a hard copy for my album of favorite pics of the kids.

Every one of you ... every where has a personal image of a child you know holding up something they made, a tooth missing but a big grin... pure happiness.  A child, a grandchild, a nephew or a niece, a cousin... a neighbor's child... someone.  It is universal.

THIS IS MY PICTURE, MY GRANDSON in New York...  it was the image in my mind when I saw the picture on the news this morning...

We are one today with Boston ............

This is not about weather or politics or religion or race or about whether we are Red Sox fans or Yankee fans or Heat fans..

It is about a call to do a "mitzvah"  a  "GOOD DEED" for someone, somewhere.. near you or far away that needs help.

And, I really wish... I really wish we could predict terror attacks and chase the terrorists the way we predict and chase hurricanes and tornadoes to learn more about them and to learn from them...

Weather is easy... people with vendettas are not as easy to find or define, to predict their movements and to fix that which was broken and torn apart... especially our illusion of safety that was shattered yesterday at 2:50 PM on April 15th, 2013 in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.. Boston.

No secret here on my blog how much I love Boston...

Today we all love Boston and we all should spread our love in our own cities locally on whatever level we can...

176 people were injured yesterday, 3 have died and more may die of their wounds as many are still fighting for their lives.

Do something to fight evil today... do a mitzvah, do a good deed, give charity... tell someone you love them and if you are at odds with someone... make up, show forgiveness, show love.

Besos Bobbi

Ps.. I find it ironic that months ago... we were arguing whether to cancel the New York Marathon because of Hurricane Sandy... and now... the Boston Marathon was attacked. Irony. And, worth remembering that people running yesterday were raising money for CHARITY and the marathon was honoring the victims of Sandy Hook and Newtown. Sad, but true.


At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our acts of kindness and the consciousness of only positive thoughts with love moment to moment are the only forces that can direct peace. People were united during, 9/11...everyone in NY was friendly and kind...lasted for a while. Then the shootings and hurricanes happened...everyone shared in sorrow with an outpouring of caring and help. If a catastrophe occurs, people are united! Perhaps if we were consistent all the time with our acts and our words, were understanding and grateful to others, had a positive outlook to those around us without complaining, then it may be possible to rid these destructive beings forever and transform the weather which would then be predictable.

At 4:46 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

of course... you are right. Only if... true too.


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