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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"TRACKING WALDA" (Give it up TWC... or keep on hyping winter...)

So, I sit here in bed half asleep still even though I've been up and about for a while. The Weather Channel... is still hyping winter and their new winter storm WALDA. It's not that big a deal. Cold rain in Oklahoma in the beginning of April during a transitional period of weather is NOT a big deal.

We are transitioning, day by day, from winter to an uneasy spring as winter came late this year.

Are they going to name Tornadoes too? Because this is more about Spring Storms than it is about winter weather making a large social impact...which was their parameter for naming WINTER storms. I suppose they did want to try and get through the alphabet...

That's the map for 12 hours from now.  Some snow and ice possible and then...transitions into Spring Storms and Twister possibilities as warm, moist air from the tropics rushes up to meet the differentially cold weather and forms storms of the Spring Twister kind. I know, I have a lot of friends out there chasing..

Watch the "energy" from the tropics moving up to meet that cold front that is limping East after lingering in Wyoming...... warm, humidity gushing up towards the Gulf coast from the tropics about to collide with the cooler temps and BAM... Spring Weather. Wake up and smell the coffee TWC...time to move on...

I've been wondering on Arkansas personally...

If I was TWC I'd be focusing more on Spring and what this system will do down the road ...than trying to squeeze a few more snowflakes out of winter.

Friday in my neck of the woods:

We are about 10 degrees above the normal temperature ...suddenly after a late season winter. It was 85 degrees yesterday... the normal high being around 71. I'd say the pollen is about to burst soon... something is gonna burst soon.  Friday the above map is showing strong weather in the South as Winter Weather stays behind...out west and up north.

"A chance of strong to severe thunderstorms possibly with a strong squall line" I'm waiting. A chance of an isolated tornado is possible.  I have the old fashioned weather radio on.. it calms me, centers me and helps me see the colliding fronts and highs and lows as a dance... a meteorological ballet in my mind. Walda wreaks winter havoc on the West.. I am going to take a shower, have some more coffee... take a walk and enjoy the dogwood in bloom and the warm temps before it cools down on Friday after the much expected squall line goes through.

And...watching the tropics and that interestingly warm ITCZ down there... look at that moisture cooking. Yes... the Hurricane Season may get back at TWC for going and naming winter storms with a Year to remember.

I do so love maps ;)

Besos Bobbi


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