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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bryan Norcross predicts an active BUSY Hurricane Season...

Okay, I've been tropically depressed. I'll admit it. It goes with the territory. It's April. I miss hurricanes and football. I'm not a big college basketball fan. Snow is a no go in my neck of the woods and twisters on the praire are so far away to quote the Carpenters. There are the dog days of Spring for me. Flowers bloom ... bees show their buzzing bodies and I long to see a water vapor loop with a cyclone spinning.

I am a little buzzed about the first chase of the season... but again... it's not in my neck of the woods and though it is exciting... it's more exciting in that first comes Twister Weather and then... comes Hurricane Season. So, bring on those twisters...

So, there I was waiting to see if they found any twisters on TWC and suddenly a voice was on that I recognized... I looked up expecting to see some old "When the next one hits Miami" rerun but no... it was BRYAN talking about the 2013 Hurricane Season.  And, guess what? He was saying the same thing that Bastardi was saying earlier in the week.



Sixteen Named Storms.
Nine Hurricanes.
FIVE Intense Hurricanes.

Where you ask?  Don't know for sure but according to Joe Bastardi... this means more long tracking Cape Verde Storms.  More long tracking storms based on the water temperatures out in the far Atlantic are much warmer than they were last year ...which is why most the storms last year formed to the north of the normally busy ITZ aka Inter Tropical Convergence Zone.

Yes... that is the main gyst of the many reports coming in that I will discuss later this month as to the predicted busy 2013 Hurricane Season.

Also...there is the issue of El Nino... La Nino... or it being just plain Neutral while the two fight it out. Suddenly last month something switched and we suddenly heard from winter, which had previously been quiet and vacationing in Iowa. Suddenly it was cold in Florida, cold in Carolina....and cold all over. The pattern switched. Will that pattern stay this way for a while or flip flop back in time for summer and flip flops?

By the way..............they don't get hurricanes in Wyoming... just Walda...

In other weather...the storm front commonly known by TWC Fans as Walda lingered too long in Wyoming and was weaker than expected. Yes, that was 3 Ws for Walda..  Sort of funny. I had a high school journalism teacher who insisted to us always that Wyoming didn't exist.  When we would argue that was "stupid" he'd ask us if we knew anyone from Wyoming.  Being from Miami... we didn't. Now we know, without a doubt that Wyoming exists cause...............Walda lingered there a long time according to the TWC.

The article explains that Denver airport had delays... there were storms in California too!


Walda... really???  Personally, I like Waldette more than Walda. Looks more like a name and less like a typo...

Walda meaning and name origin

Walda \wa(l)-da\ as a girl's name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Walda is "ruler". Feminine form of Waldo.
Walda has 6 variant forms: WaldenaWaldetteWaldinaWalldaWelda and Wellda.
Baby names that sound like Walda are ValdaWilda and Wylda.

Popularity of Walda

Walda is not a popular first name for women and an equally uncommon surname or last name for all people. (1990 U.S. Census)
Displayed below is the baby names popu
Read more at 

Go figure... somewhere children are being named this week and they will be named Walda, trust me.

Online the big talk was on the Tornado in the snow storm.

2013.... the year of the Snonado as some are calling it. A late season, severe winter after a snowless Chicago for most of the winter. Warm water pooling in the far distant Atlantic near where Cape Verde storms form... oh my.

Keep watching...

It's getting interesting.............

Besos Bobbi


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