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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Questions... Photos Online Raise So Many Questions... Are these the answers or just red herrings with big heavy backpacks??

These pictures are from a site online that is being widely spread around. It has 56 images of several people who fit the description of the persons of interest that the FBI was looking for after the bombing.

Big, heavy backpack ... hanging low... apart from others, not paying attention to the event itself, etc...

The FBI asked people to call in tips and to look through the images from the event and do they did..

Over and over the man in the bulky, black jacket and the bigger than anyone else's back pack walks through the crowd near or close to the man in the blue shirt.... at times they talk, at times they part, at times the move close and then... they sort of disappear. 

What a perfect event to use to create terror sadly... so sadly. A large crowd, squeezed together between street barriers and store windows, everyone dressed similar and everyone milling about. 

Hope and pray that no more bombing attacks happen and this was an "isolated" "lone wolf" group of people... as it seems more than one. Home Grown, Home Brew or Overseas....who really cares which the people are still dead and the questions have not been answered.

What we do see in these images is... they have bags.... then there are no bags... and then the bomb goes off... 

A lot of questions... no real answers and the FBI has  postponed press conferences all day.

I saw these images early this morning. A friend sent them to me... let's call him 007. A little humor here helps. I was blown away and trust me as a storm chaser... it takes a lot to blow me away. I didn't share them, I didn't pass them around... I just mostly thought, stared and discussed random thoughts with my friend. 

Image from 4Chan Think Tank online...being passed around all over Twitter this evening. A million people have viewed it since I stared in shock this morning that anyone could so carefully pick through images and images and follow them around... much like some episode of Person of Interest or some TV show.

Reporters liking to report gave up waiting for the FBI to give a press conference........perhaps that is by design and what the FBI wants... and they began writing about the man in the white hat that is being looked for to.............answer some questions............a "person of interest" as they say...

So writers are writing and ... when the FBI gets around to issuing their statement... I'll write about that too.

If these two guys were waiting for their cousin who was running in the race... it might be a good time for them to com forward and say who they are and why they were there with such a big bag and what happened to that bag. Some images do show one of them bending over... playing with the bag and then...the bag is gone.

A lot to think on... a lot to wonder on...

So, I am wondering.... why are they looking for ONE when it's obvious their are two?

See... so many questions... and now everyone is asking the same question...

Two suspects in the Boston bombing have been singled out in videos of the scene, sources told Tribune newspapers.

What is the name of the person of interest who was in the hospital? Have you seen it mentioned anywhere? Has he been interviewed? Everyone else has been interviewed it seems. Are they really not watching him anymore? 

One question that has been answered today... sadly the name and picture of the beautiful young woman, who looks much like a child herself was released. 

Lingzi Lu died at the Boston Marathon where she was watching the race with friends. 

Motive for her murder? We don't know. Wrong place at the wrong time the other victims.

Sad... very sad. 

At some point ....we will have answers.

For now... we have questions and a lot of images that are being shown around the web... that may or may not be of men involved in the bombing... 

For now...they are just simply persons of interest... and we are all interested in hearing some answers.

Pray for the faraway family of Lingzi Lu and her friends in Boston and for everyone else touched by this horrible tragedy.

Besos Bobbi


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