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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston: "Shelter in Place" . One Suspect Dead.... LIVE GUN BATTLE ON TV NOW... Developing


A manhunt for the two brothers who are the suspects in the Boston Bombing has shut down Boston. One brother is dead, the other is missing and at large, extremely dangerous.

Woke up this morning, like most people, trying to figure out what is going on. 

What is going on is that the MIT shooting WAS connected.

I'll update more later. 

For now the hunt goes on, we can put together the pieces of the puzzle later. 

Suspect ALIVE and WANTED below.

The name of the suspect that was killed is below and note info is still coming in...the name is also spelled different ways... this is one spelling. The situation is fluid.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

He is said to have been born in Kyrgyzstan. according to his personal info.. possibly wrong.
Where is that you wonder?

Far away...

New England Golden Gloves Winner trying to get a spot on the Olympic Team as a Boxer?

The younger brother was a champion wrestler.

It's all too early to say what is for sure, but the facts will continue to come in..

One thing I can say is some of the most brutal, heinous terrorist attacks have been made in Russia by Chechen Rebels. Some of the worst terror attacks in schools, public places, crowded places..   

More info...this is developing..

Be aware if these brothers have been here for a while... a $2,500 scholarship to an expensive school does not support them in the country. They have family, they have connections... this story has so many legs it's not going away quickly.

The FBI is currently talking to relatives... many people with that last name live in other areas... DC, Maryland... Washington, North Carolina... some could be related ... OR NOT. Just saying .. just because we don't know the details doesn't mean the FBI  knows a lot and they are doing a great job if you ask me piecing it together and trying to keep it under control and focused.

Botton line...

One suspect is dead.
One MIT Security officer is dead.
Another officer is in surgery
There is an active hunt going on in Boston..

If you live in Boston or it's suburbs... you are to stay inside and do what is called: "shelter in place"

A gun fight is going on currently in Watertown, MA. on TV.  Possibly a house or a relative or who kows...this story evolves by the moment.

The WEATHER is cool and not a problem for the manhunt that is currently going on in the Boston area.  

Stay safe... besos Bobbi

Ps a friend asked me... based on the given birthdate of the brother who is alive and being hunted down the astrological chart is below.   Based on info that could be wrong... a lot could be wrong. The place of birth given for their entry into the US could be wrong. The chart was done for sunrise in Boston, it's just to see aspects.  


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