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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Tropical Storm Franklin Forms in NW Caribbean. Will Invest 99L Be a Problem Close in Later On? Oh the late night drama...

Loop below:

Tropical Storm Franklin formed Sunday night in the NW Caribbean Sea from the area previously designated "Seven" by NHC. We already have watches and warnings up from when it was a Potential Tropical Cyclone. Not much has changed with this new cone, but recon should go in tomorrow and we should get better data for future model runs. I did say should twice and that's redundant but I'm tired and I'll upgrade this blog in the morning.

Note shear relaxed.
Data from Goes 13 and 16 came in.
Franklin was born.
Late night birth so to speak.

This was the question earlier I posted online.
You can see Franklin pretty much existed above.
All that was needed was the NHC to make the call.
I love when the NHC makes a late night call.

Worth noting that this could become a hurricane.
Currently it tops out at 70 MPH per 11 PM Discussion.
But you get that could go higher.

I'll update in the morning with the rest of the information. It is worth noting that the slow development of 99L will only become a problem later if it doesn't die in the depths the Atlantic Ocean from SAL. It could crop up later closer to the Islands or near Florida or in the Bahamas moving along the Atlantic Coast. It could die and never get the name Gert. Only time will tell.

But tonight...we have Franklin. And it's August 6th and the next named storm is the G storm as in "oh my goodness" so next time anyone argues with you that we may not have a lot of storms  this year tell them to practice their alphabet. Whether we get a major hurricane going anytime soon is a bigger question. But, Remember September....

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
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