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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lisa Joins the Party. Both Karl and Lisa Ocean Spinners

Introducing Lisa.
No threat to land.
Not even Bermuda in play.

For that matter Karl seems to be behaving as well.
After Fiona, Hermine and Julia the NHC gets lucky.

Karl is dreaming of a Bermuda vacation.
Depending on where in the cone it goes...
... it might affect Bermuda.
A small dot in a big ocean.
Most likely will miss it.

I've been busy with a wild wedding.
Nothing like a Miami Cuban Jewish Wedding.
It's a dance party that goes on for hours and hours.
The ceremony was out doors under dark skies ...
...thunder, lightning and wind but no rain.

Inside the AC and the DJ took over.
Sushi, BBQ Beef, Cuban Coffee, Flan
Every time of food you can imagine.

Spent the last few days at wedding events ...
..and with family in town from everywhere.
Seems the next wedding is in Israel...
Not during Hurricane Season.
But not thinking on that right now.

It's pouring as I type this...
..heavy thunder.
I'm under the red part...

I have much to say but not today.
Probably write a long post tonight.
I posted pics online.
IF I posted some to Twitter not Facebook SORRY ABOUT THAT
Yes liquor and loud music was involved....

And as is life I have a funeral to go to this afternoon.
I have a best friend who I was close with in the late 90s.
We were pregnant together, silly together. partied together.
Her youngest daughter was often sick.
Over time, late as it goes, it was diagnosed as Cystic Fibrosis.
And for many reasons there wasn't much that could be done.
Other than enjoy life, get weaker and weather and die.
It's a bad disease and affects many.
Now days you don't hear about it as much.
Now days children have a longer chance at a healthy life.
Rosie was a poster child when a young teen.
She was in their calendar on the beach looking healthy and happy.
Luckily I was in town to be here for my friend Leah, her mother.
So I'm busy the rest of the day with that.

As always Mike is watching the tropics
Headed back to Carolina tomorrow.
I'll be online nonstop once again soon.

Besos BobbiStorm
@BobbiStorm on Twitter

Ps sorry for any typos. 
Wanted to update while I had a few minutes.


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