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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thoughts on NWS VS NHC. Julia Flooding Possible. Tornadoes & Flooding. IAN & 95L Westbound

The point here is this. There isn't much of a difference between a strong Tropical Depression and a minimal Tropical Storm. It's a matter of a few miles per hour wind speed. And, often in Tropical Storms you do have tornadoes accompanying strong bands of squally weather.  Yesterday in Brevard County Florida there was a tornado, it did roof damage in many places and was caught in video and posted online. You can check the video out for yourself.

The big story here with Tropical Storm Julia is the potential for heavy rain, waterspouts, tornado formation and possible flooding in low lying coastal areas. The Carolinas are similar to Louisiana as there is low country, rice growing and areas prone to flooding. We saw what that did recently to Louisiana and in an abundance of caution the NHC is doing a good job issuing advisories and ratcheting up the awareness that a Tropical Storm is doing it's thing in Georgia and South Carolina. Depending on the models some solutions show this dying out over land or sliding out towards the ocean and moving up along the coast. It's not over until it's over and with this year's history of quirky storms doing their own thing we will let this play out in real time.

The truth is most of the weather is out ahead of the center and that's common in a Tropical Storm because it's not a Hurricane. The weather wraps up neater in a hurricane whereas tropical storms move about with weather everywhere. That's the truth and it happens time and again and we get all bent out of shape. And it's stupid because there is a big difference between a minimal tropical storm and a strong one and each has it's own inherent dangers. A strong Tropical Storm can spin up fast into a Hurricane and catch people unaware who rarely stop life for a weak tropical storm. Minimal Tropical Storms have produced life threatening floods and strong tornadoes. So it is what it is...

And this storm most likely will stall or slow to an almost stall later today.
It traveled the whole coastline of Florida yesterday.
But today it's going to sit a bit over very warm water.
Dumping up to 12 inches of rain over low lying areas.
Sounds like a Tropical Storm to me.

And Ian for all it's hype is not much stronger.

If only the NWS can figure out how to get more attention on air..
The NHC is doing what it needs to do.
I don't know hire some smart, sexy meteorologist to be a media specialist maybe?
Find a way to get attention to localized weather problems that are historic..
...but not hurricanes.

It's been an ongoing problem.
The NWS is like the 18 Wheelers on the Highway.
They get the job done.
They haul everything we need from place to place.
And yet no one pays attention.
The NHC is like a red, mustang convertible.
Everyone stops and looks.
Get a big hurricane and they are a silver Porsche ..
..people stop, take pics and post them online.
But the NWS works around the clock all year.
Blizzards, Floods, Tornadoes, Hail.
And they get very little attention by the media.
A hurricane forms far out in the ocean..
..everyone wants an on air interview with the head of the NHC.
Let's get this in perspective guys...

Took that video at a rest stop last night in a lull between bands of rain.
Pretty watching the truckers and listening to the music...

They are working all the time 24/7
Like the truckers on I-95
Yet everyone pays attention to the NHC.
If it's not a named storm it doesn't exist?

This is something we need to address after this hurricane season.
Something to think on...
The NWS needs to find a way to communicate to the media...
..In real time fast when weather develops.
They do a great job online doing that.
But perhaps the Nightly News...should start interviewing them?
TWC might start doing so...
...tho I've seen they have done some interviews.
When Hermine as 99L or TD9 (who remembers) was near PR
They did some interviews I believe with the NWS there.

As for me I'm packing up and getting back on the road.
Meyer family is converging on Miami..
...those not already living there.

So stay tuned ...

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

I'll update on Julia, Ian and their sibling Invest 95L
Westbound moving towards warmer water.

Besos BobbiStorm
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