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Sunday, September 11, 2016

2016 93L Moving Towards FL... 92L Closed Circ NO Rain. 94L Big Double Circulation Like a DoubleWide Trailer...911 A day to pray, live and dance... watching tropics...

Beautiful world isn't it?
911 in 2016
We pray for peace.
This year and always.

And in September on 9/11/2001 we were tracking Erin.
There was talk Erin might be a problem for NY.
A Cold Front came down and did what they so often do.. pushed Erin away from NY.

Remember September took on a new meaning after 911.

Where are we today 9/11/2016?
Watching tropical waves named Invests.

93L below ...flaring up in the Bahamas.
Headed towards Florida.
But maybe just as a tropical wave.

vis_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Staring here with 93L an Invest given zero chances by the NHC 
It's got an area where it could develop...
...but it has a zero percent chance.

Discussion from Melbourne, FL:

Invest 93L 0%
Why bother keeping it if it's a big ZERO?
As a writer and student of words... 
...that makes no sense except to a mathematician I guess...

93L developed from a strong tropical wave off the coast of Africa moving along the same general path of 99L that gave us Hermine. Several times it looked promising and shear suddenly appeared from close by Upper Level Lows that aimed their shear wand on it to make it fall apart. Once again it flared up and once again ULL shot a shear ray at it and it fell apart again. This has been the story all hurricane season with strong waves suddenly under attack from shear that appears out of nowhere. I say nowhere because often the discussion from NHC said that down the road conditions were favorable as there was lighter shear and then shear appeared. As a student of the Water Vapor Loop I know what is normal and what is abnormal. This is sort of abnormal, but should we complain there are less hurricanes and more Upper Level Lows? No, I suppose not. 

It's a great loop to use to see several days of tropical activity.
This image is from when 92L flared up AGAIN in the Straits.
And 93L began it's interaction again with the ULL.
The ULL looks like the black cane to SW of 93L

Again when an ULL tickles a tropical wave it flares up with colorful giggles.
In a different position it blasts it with Anti Cane Gamma Rays.. Poof.

Someone should send an award to those Upper Level Lows.
Making the Hurricane Basin Safe Again.
Well, so far .. it's not over til ti's over.

If this was not 2016 I'd say Florida is going to get a TD or TS.
Since it's 2016...  Just rain???

When El Nino was in place the wind shear was a given.
El Nino left but the wind shear is there still.
Also oddly water temps are lower than usual in the basin.

Oddly the NHC gives a heads up to 94L
A long, lumbering wave with a elongated center...
...two centers really.
It actually looks like crap.
Honest. But the NHC says YES...
Go figure.

Either way far out and expected to be a fish.
Swiming out to sea like Gaston.

Intensity model for 94L

Will that be Ian or Julia?
Ian sounds so funny for a Double Wide Trailer Hurricane..

Loop it and listen to a good song.

Maybe it won't be a fish.
NRL has a map grid up.
That means they are going to upgrade it soon.

In the words of the Beatles.
Let it be.
I'll let it be today because I have much to do...

So my thoughts right now are keep watching.
I'm getting ready for a wedding and a trip to Miami in a few days.


In Jewish Lore rain on your wedding day is good.
Good luck...
Just as long as it's not a tropical deluge... 

Oh heads up on the La Nina watch...'s more of a neutral NADA year.
That could change.

So go out and have a great day.
Laugh, play...
...or remember those lost in 911.
Do it your way.
What works for you.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

As for me... I'm watching the tropics.
And for what it's worth...
I agree with him.
Should be a Tropical System moving Towards FL..
Crossing FL somewhere or merging with a front.
A front that will stall out.

For me I need to see more convection.
I'm watching... 
..will update later.

I was never a Joni Mitchell person.
I'm a bit younger.
But the song fits.

I'm not boring. Joni Mitchell was always boring.
I like to mix it up... 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps This season makes no sense.
Perhaps in the stupid rear view mirror it will.

Just dance... 


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