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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Hermine VS The Cruise Ship #NOWORDS Invest #92L A Day Playing In Pittsboro NC Fist Sundays

Apparently Anthem of the Seas wants to be the ship storm chasers should book cruises on or they haven't learned anything from their last storm related disaster. All the talk online tonight about Hermine is that Anthem of the Seas is experiencing high seas, wind and bad weather. Really? Who knew? It's almost impossible to write about this without cursing so I'll just leave this thought here. Why??? They never watched Titanic? Seriously?? Mind boggling...Millions of people are glued to the weather report but Anthem of the Seas does what it always does...sails right into the sea of free advertising and sails into Hermine. As the Millenials say: #nowords #fail

Yeah I had enough of watching TWC and trying to make sense of the Hermine Hype and decided to run away today with my husband and we drove out to Pittsboro for First Sundays. One of his close friends puts it on and we always enjoy it. Music, beer, sunshine, art... you know that song God is Good, Beer is Great and People are Crazy.

Great place to kick back and feel like you went to the State Fair and support mother and daughter baking cup cakes. Yeah, I said that.  You know Pittsboro which is out by Siler City where Andy used to have to go up on business from Mayberry? Yeah.. there. Great place to run away to..

Hermine inspired menu...

So seems the Ocracoke Hot Dogs were Gone With the Wind.
I drank Honey Beer and listened to the cool guy making music.
He sang Willie and Jimmy Buffet.. Loved it!

You see you can only drink the beer by the food trucks.
So everyone sits around in the shade listening...
There's ice cream, funnel cakes and other stuff ;)
$1 cup cakes that were unreal delicious...
Incredible delicious..

J.D. Treats

That's her card info... 

There was an awesome Gluten Free Lady but lost her card ;(
Will find it.. best GF cake I ever had.
Strawberry and Peach Layer Cake.

Art Galleries.
Wine, cheese... 

Hey when in Hollywood Florida... 
...and when in Pittsboro..  
You just do what comes naturally

Not one person spoke on the tropics.
Weather was perfect!
A sense of summer ending later rather than sooner...
...and enjoying Labor Day Weekend.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

So let's talk about Invest 92L
Models not in love with it...
..some take it far and others kill it off.
I figure like this...
Got nothing better to do right now ... 
.. if you are worried on Florida, GOM or Carolinas..
So I'm gonna watch.

Models not doing well.
They missed the wave that became Earl.
Earl looked better than Colin that the models liked.
The EURO blew it with 99L aka TD 9 aka Hermine.
Go figure 2016 the GFS won one!!
Fiona got so far East of Bermuda she gave TD9 some of her remnants.
Why don't we just enjoy wave watching for a while???

rgb-animated.gif (720×480)

It's a wave.
Carib has shear.
Nothing new there.
Keep watching.
GOOD LINK for weather...
...especially Carib info!

Tomorrow I'll write on Hermine if something happens.
If it's newsworthy ..

But there is a yellow circle in the Carib.. low odds.

So nice images put up by Chris on

I'm going to post my thoughts here as I did there.
Sort of like BobbiStorm unplugged.
Enjoy... it's me without a filter.

Link if you don't have one of those real fancy smart phones.. know the ones that blow up pics so you can see people's moles.


I turned off TWC.
I'm not watching politics.
Listening to iHeart Radio.
Waylon Jennings Channel.
Pretending to be a Millenial Country Style.

NASCAR going on today... some delays.
A tennis tournament up north.

Florida Georgia Line concert called off in NY..
..for the storm that didn't show.
Imagine Hermine did the Florida Georgia Line area..
..and then she messed up the band's concert.
So annoying..

Life goes on...
..on Labor Day Weekend.

Oh and met this incredible singer today.
She was singing outside by Rise Donuts in North Raleigh.
They have tables, chairs and bringing in live music.

I know you want reviews....

So this girl who sings like an angel was there...
..I was shopping at Fresh Market and heard this song in the air.
Had to walk over and listen.
No calories to listen...
Wow. Thought it had to be a recorded song.
She sings so beautifully.
Blues, country, soulful.

People loved talking to her..
..she talks back. 
Friendly, warm.
Great voice.
Sings up in Asheville a lot...
Check her out.

This girl can sing.

And if you get up that way and you like beer.
Check them out.

Yes there is a world beyond Hermine.
A world beyond staring at loops and watching for updates.

Tomorrow I'll loop... 
..tonight I'm listening to Country Music 

Our friend Ira Planner works on the Sharkori Hills Music Festival

Big round these parts...

So I'm posting all this to help some nice people I met.
And.... to show you what is North Carolina.
So next time some hurricane like Julia or Ian... headed for North Carolinas.

Know it's not all about OBX ...
Between OBX and Asheville...
It's a big state.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

And that's where I am when I'm not in Miami ..
Ps... The U won big yesterday.
Go Canes...


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