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Friday, September 02, 2016

Hermine Moving On After Making Landfall Near St. Marks FL.. On Its Way NE..NHC Has Much of E Coast in Cone.

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As the sun comes up on Tropical Storm Hermine.

Hermine came ashore must East of St. Marks.

A sweet little place in the Big Bend Part of Florida.

Beaches, small towns and wild life preserves.
Nice. Hermine picked a quiet, not too populated spot.
Mind you it's weather slapped most of Florida.
From Tampa Bay North across the coast there was severe weather.
But the area with strong winds hit the Nature Coast.

Hey I like showing the story behind the story.
Or in this case the story behind the storm.

Now the clean up begins in that region.
Electric companies are already at work.

Where is Hermine going?

I know that image looks scary.
This is NOT Sandy.
It's going to be a quasi tropical system.
Just as much of the circle is out at sea as along the coast.
But it will whip up the surf.
Maybe mess up the beaches.
Create hazards and dangers.
Hope you went to the beach and didn't wait til Labor Day.

The NHC is very sure on it's short term course.
Look how narrow that cone is..
..and the cone is for wind not rain.

The rain threat causes flooding.
And people who play and live along the coast..
...need to respect a downgraded Hermine.
The problem is the NHC is unsure in the long term on strength.
Actually also unsure on the type of system it will be.
Note the track.

Let's say Hermine takes the WEST side of track.
Spends more time over land.
Slowly falls apart but keeps a bit of a center.
That is a different storm than if it takes an EAST track.
Out over water faster it could ramp up in a tropical way.

Discussion from NHC explains this:

The blue shaded part is the part I want you to read most.
Some where down the road...they aren't sure exactly when.
Hermine will slow down, drift.
Over warm water it could spin up stronger.

You know when they say
Just pay attention to your local NWS.
Pay ATTN to your WXR APP
Local Media keeps you best informed.

It will be some sort of storm off the East Coast.
Close to the Coast or FAR out at sea.
It's a big complex.
It is NOT a Hurricane.
It's has a lot of weather.
Respect it but do not fear it.

The weird part of these storms are they flip.
The strong winds can end up on the Western side.
The winds get weaker but they spread out.
Weather fans out in all directions.
It doesn't look like what it did in the GOM.
Up North it's not what you get in the Tropics.
But it's still a storm from the tropics.

I'll be back later today to update after the 11 AM.

If you live within any of these shaded areas below...
...please go to and check your watches and warnings.

Here in Raleigh for instance there is a Flash Flood Watch.
Do NOT park at Crabtree Mall... for example.
Seriously know your local hazards.

I woke up to this:

So I am watching the tropics.
I could get tropical storm conditions.
I'm not in a high percentage place.
But weather is weather.
I love weather.
I respect weather.
I respect the NHC and NWS.
You should do...

And as for the B team ;)
And I don't think my friends wouldn't mind being called that.
Kudos to all the online social meteorology gang.
Great job keeping people informed.

Stayed up late watching Mike at Spaghetti Models cover Hermine.
Talked to weather friends online.
Watched TWC.
Also snuck in bits of a Panthers Football Game.
Turned off TWC and the lights.
Got in bed, listened to Mike talk out loud on Facebook Live.
When my husband came to bed, closed the computer.
Went to sleep :)

Woke up to dark, gray skies from Tropical Storm Hermine.
If you are traveling today check your flights.
Careful on I-95
You'll be driving along with Hermine.
Careful driving to Nola through Florida
(note to some of my kids...)

God Bless Millenials.
They are better at sharing information than most.
They have APPS... 
...they better pay attention.

That is what this is all about.
Paying attention.
Sharing information.
Staying informed in the Mid Atlantic.
And in the Coastal South.

In the world of Netflix where few have Cable TV anymore.
I'm glad to be able to be here and on Twitter.
Many of my young friends and older friends have opted out ..
They have Netflix and HULU and that's it.
They go to Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp for news.
Few even go on Facebook anymore.
Just to share pics and family news.
Or get lost online.

That's life in 2016.
And it's a good life.
In the old days you woke up to a beautiful day.
The most incredible sunrise you ever saw.
Little wind, great weather.
By later in the day the water in the Bay was rising.
Winds were whipping up.
Your husband was out on the water working maybe..
...or out in a field.
Your kids were out playing somewhere....
You were distracted trying to wash a shirt without a machine.
No Jersey Mikes.. 
No pizza for dinner or sushi with fish from far away.
The weather moved in...
Homes flew away...
Ships were lost at sea...
Families were washed away.
Honest. Being very honest.

Sorry the NHC can't say exactly where it will end up ..
...or exactly how strong it will be near you yet. will update in real time and let give you information.
Sorry I can't say exactly if your town will get a tornado.
But I can tell you ...your area is in a tornado warning.
I can tell you not to park at Crabtree Mall where it floods.
(because it's next to Crabtree CREEK)

I can say don't park under a big tree.
Stay in close contact with loved ones.
Go shopping, prepare.
The sun will come out tomorrow as the song goes.
And you were warned and saw it coming.
Good to live in 2016..

In 1899 they didn't see it coming where Hermine hit.

Bad times back then if you were there and the storm came ashore.

So stay tuned and stay informed.
Lecture over ;)
Off the soap box.
For Millenials if you haven't Googled that by now..
I'll drop it ;)
Love it really.

So hoping I see some wind a bit.
Guessing a drop of rain.
If I get anything real I'll share it on Twitter.

@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Maybe do Facebook Live for my family.. to play with cause it's where it's at in 2016

Back in a bit, 
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Hermine did do a Margaritaville.
And it will be a messy day at Myrtle Beach Margaritaville.
So I was right calling this a Margaritaville Hurricane Season.

Find one near you...


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