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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hurricane Hermine. Tampa Bay Live Broadcast Facebook. Making Florida Memories..

Hurricane Hermine

That's the 3 Day Forecast.
Breaking this up in 2 parts.
Note the watches, warnings up the coastline.

NWS watches and warnings

Check your local NWS if you are in the path of the hurricane.

4 and 5 day cone:

Putting up some views you may not have seen before.

Long tail stretching down to the Yucatan.

There's a few breaks here but it's a great loop.
Will update in real time.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

That's how the tail would continue to get moisture.
Dark oranges, reds. Intense.
Note there is a wide, large west bound wave in the Atlantic.
Has dust in it but also has a bit of a roll.

20% in the 5 Day
We will talk on that later IF it develops.
Models develop it closer in...

Closer in cities up and down the coast have warnings.

Imagine if you looked at your local NWS and saw a hurricane symbol?
Or even a tropical storm.


Tell you what I'm going to suggest you watch this link LIVE
The videos are posted so if you miss them live you can watch later.

Love it ..he took his daughter Emily with him.
She's been helping him with the Live Broadcasts.
Gotta love 2016...

I don't have any pictures of me at the beach or bay as a child.
Who took the expensive camera out in the rain?

THAT PICURE is what it is like to grow up in Florida.
Or... any place along the Hurricane Coast.
Be it Galveston or Cape Cod.
Kids go to the ocean with a parent or relative.
They watch, they remember.
They become "addicted to weather"
Okay it might be a snow storm..
...but the sound of a hurricane wow...

You know being a Florida child means growing up and going to the water when a hurricane was nearby. Just something we do, especially old timers, to witness the storm first hand. Eventually in the path of a REAL Hurricane we hunker down, watch and listen to the broadcast until you lose power. So you go when you can and you watch and see it for yourself. Those are our memories.

I remember going with my best friend Sharon to the the boardwalk before Hurricane Andrew. Miriam wanted to come along, she was young... five years old and insistent she wanted to come. She came along and ran around the boardwalk pretending to be an airplane making those loud sounds the winds made over the crashing surf. Seemed unreal but very real. Wind, nonstop wind and clouds streaming by overhead while watching people walking with their belongings to Park and Ride sites to take them away from Miami Beach to a shelter if they wanted. Crazy.

Took Miriam once to a the beach during some mild storm and went over to the end of Lincoln Road and Collins to get real WIND as it's a wind canyon there and could make a small tropical depression sound like a Cat 1 Hurricane.

And my son informed me he's going with my other son for some road trip tomorrow for a Bachelor Party for the September wedding. Right. Told him to watch WAZE cause some of those roads might be out ... Florida kids.

Meanwhile the bands of rain are swirling in to the Big Bend and Cantore is out there under some blue raincoat. I think it's Jim, who can tell under that much rain gear??

The sound of the wind is so awesome in a small hurricane or even strong Tropical Storm. I once watched a movie at a Drive In that was open for some reason with my father. I think he had a fight with my mother and decided to go to the movies in a Tropical Storm. I begged to come and yeah I went.. between sheets of rain we watched the movie. Miami Life...

It's amazing.
Mike from Spaghetti Models is live on Facebook.

Doesn't get any better than this 

I'll be back later.
Besos BobbiStorm 

Ps For those who don't know I'm on the top of
He is near Tampa, FL
Lives there..
Knows it better than anyone.

He will be on and off all night.
Get him while the sun is up ...

Live is where it's at.
Immediacy is what we are all about these days.

We watch a Hurricane form in real time.
As the Tropical World Turns...

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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