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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

93L Coming Onshore Florida. TS Ian Out At Sea. Invest 95L Cape Verde Wave Westbound. What Do We Call Hurricanes or Invests After They Lose their Status as Hurricanes? Good Question...

Cliff Notes:
X with 10% on SFL Coast = Tropical Wave
Moving onshore slowly today.
Visible on Radar Imagery
Drive Carefully

Woke up to this Tweet this morning:


Sort of says it all.
Stay informed to see if anything more develops.

IAN 45MPH Out At Sea...
Fish Storm. Blobby still.

Yes that is a lot of color near South Florida.
Again it's a Tropical Wave AKA INVEST 93L

Out by Africa is a few dots of color.
It's the latest wave to depart Africa.
Invest 95L

That's it. Looks good. Another wave behind it.
Moving this way or so they say :)

When you click on the Yellow X on the NHC page.. will see it's really an Orange Circle.
Wow I'm dizzy I'm not fainting don't worry.

Does all make your head spin sometimes doesn't it?

There is time to discuss the track of 95L later.
For now know it's far away.
A wave with potential.

And somewhere out there in the GOM is still 92L

avn-animated.gif (720×480)

But your eyes are probably drawn to 93L off the East Coast of FL.
Looks pretty good ... strong tropical wave.
Stay tuned for any other information.

NWS + Zipcode = Your personal forecast


When you click on Vero Weather you get this:

Amazing the Government has your back, locally speaking.
Watching waves by Africa and your weather in Vero Beach.

If anything happens with this or anything else I'll upgrade.
I'll be on the road at some point so I'll be Tweeting often.
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Now that we are done with Cliff Notes.. as I say.
Wrote a bit longer earlier this morning.
After reading through multiple emails of bickering meteorologists.
It's okay.. meteorologists are scientists they bicker over details.
That attention to detail brings you the best forecast possible.

More than discussing the tropical wave that is raining on South Florida and the distant Invest 95L still departing Africa, not to forget Tropical Storm Ian, I want to give my thoughts on a storm of discussion over the use of terms such as Post Tropical Storm Hermine as while you worry on Hilary's health or if Donald will finally release his taxes this IS a huge discussion in the meteorological community. I know NFL Football started and there is NASCAR and baseball but they are still discussing who let the dogs out. You know they have raised crying over spilt milk to a new heights.

After Hurricane Sandy there was a huge discussion that the NHC should not have dropped the word Hurricane but kept it until after landfall. If you remember some Mayor of NYC told the media he wasn't worried because as he was told the Hurricane wasn't coming to NYC. Something like that ... trying to keep it short here. The NHC being a very scientific, government agency has lots of rules. They can't simply wake up early, have a round table discussion and toss a dice to decide what to call Hermine this morning. They have a lot of responsibility riding on their shoulders and government jobs are well... government jobs. The Weather Channel can call it whatever it wants and ABC News in NYC can and will use any graphic they decide as they don't have to answer to anyone but their viewers.  It's not easy being the NHC and if you criticize any part of a problem they take it sort of personally. Bryan Norcross who is BRYAN NORCROSS made a few suggestions and most of the people on his Facebook Page agreed with him. As he knows the pulse of the person reading this blog I'd give some thought to what he said vs taking it personally.

What to call a storm that forms, falls apart, goes extratropical or subtropical in a highly populated area in today's world where most people get their news on their phone in abbreviated form is a problem. Why? Because the main concern we have is to get the word out to the public and warn them as early as possible with the most information possible. And we don't like to be confusing.

I suggest if it has a name we just keep the name and give the facts. Rather than saying Post Tropical Storm Julia is transitioning into an Extratropical storm with a wider wind field and... the average person has moved on to Snapchat, Pinterest and T-mobile Tuesdays Ads on their App to see if they can see their favorite movie cheap tonight. Yes, sadly we have short attention spans these days though if you attempt to read my blog I know you can do a long read. Thanks.

I suggest we follow the general rules applied to Presidents, Governors and Ambassadors and just keep using the name. The public is smarter than you think even though we can be dumb sometimes (true, just calling it as I see it) and we can issue a statement that reads simply:

"HERMINE 70 MPH MOVING WNW @15 MPH Click on Link for Watches and Warnings"
Note Hermine didn't even need a Hashtag everyone knew you were referring to the system that was given the  name Hermine that was once Invest 99L and briefly Tropical Depression 9. You don't even have to call it Hurricane or Tropical Storm because people want basic facts, fast.  You don't have to get into deep discussion except for in the Tropical Discussion in the link available for anyone to read who wants to go deep into discussion. People want to know where 'HERMINE" is or #Hermine and in today's world that is the way of the world. Deep discussion on terms can be shown in the link and in truth the graphics put up usually show the size of the wind field or should. The truth is................. people just want to know WHERE THE WEATHER IS and IF THEY ARE GETTING ANY. Not yelling, that was for emphasis. Just the facts, are they getting weather and if so how strong is the wind. Actually they want to know "Do they need to put shutters up?"

People like honesty. In Florida Invest 92L is coming ashore as a tropical wave kicking up convection and making the rush hour even more difficult. No one is going to think it's about to go viral because it's referred to as 92L. To paraphrase Annie.. it's a Hashtag World out there. Shakespeare could write a play debating names but in 2016 where the need for information rules.. we are on warp speed these days for good or for bad.

You don't have to call it Hurricane Hermine when it is has 45 MPH winds and is going in circles looping offshore waiting for a cold front to take it out to sea. You can simply say "Hermine 45 MPH Winds Stalls Off OBX" the general public will know what you mean. I know it's not scientific but there is a lot today that is not scientific and it's better than looking for some name like SUPERSTORM or DANGEROUS STORM it's obviously Hermine with 45 MPH winds stalled off of OBX" and if you live in the Outer Banks you know what OBX stands for..

Nuff Said. Just my thoughts here on a blog that is a long read for people who think 180 characters on Twitter are too many and if U think 180 is 2 many got to tell you stay away from Snapchat. Really.

Hashtag Name Link with a possible graphic of wind field. But don't make it too complicated or people think you are playing games with them. When you see a yellow X and your friend says "no it's an orange circle" you feel you are being played. In truth the NHC is trying hard to keep up with the fast moving world of the Internet and Social Media. We haven't made it transformers yet but stay tuned we may get there in your life time!

Nuff said.

Explanation on name definitions:

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Refer to 

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