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Monday, September 12, 2016

Invest 95L Near Africa, Ian is Blobby & Invest 93L Hovers Off the Coast of Florida

Let's look at this close up on radar over:

Nothing organized tonight.
During heating of the day tomorrow watch out.

The Yellow X that is the remnants of Invest 93L is kicking up showers across South Florida and the Bahamas this evening. Some nice color on radar and satellite imagery. Running out of room to develop much more. However, some long term models take it up over the Northern part of the State of Florida. The NHC barely sees a pulse right now and most of the people who work at the NHC will feel it's influence during drive time showers on their way to work in the morning. The image above shows both the Yellow X and the area in which a system could form in theory.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

The brightest convection marks the yellow X the NHC gives 10%

Hard to miss the bright red dot there East of Miami.

The reason why it is not forming is shear.
Strong shear near 93L
Interestingly a few models indicate it could flirt with TS status.
Stay tuned.. it's not over til it's over.

Low shear to the SW of it and to the East of it.
High shear over it.
It's another Meh Invest
Winds driving it towards "landfall"

Though storms do maintain themselves over land... 
They rarely form over land... so keep watching.
Unless the NHC pulls the plug again to watch African Waves.

Speaking of African Waves there are a lot of them.
Several clusters moving Westbound.
The wave that just went swimming in the Atlantic ... our new Invest .. #95L

Stay tuned.

Westbound as I type this...

It's got lost of ocean to swim in for a while.
Will it turn out to sea or stay westbound under a strong high?

Ian is swimming North.
Not a particularly photogenic Tropical Storm.

A big red blob.
Seriously telling it like it is...
It may develop into a pretty storm but...
...tonight it's a big red blob.
45 MPH moving NNW at 13 MPH
1005 MB... a Blob.

And Invest 95L is the wave coming off of Africa.

Interestingly the NRL is lit up with Invests tonight.

A Tropical Mystery.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Remnants of 92L are in the Gulf of Mexico.
You can see a broad spin there... 
Lots of convection but not concentrated anywhere.

I'll be driving tomorrow Southbound.
IF I see anything from 93L I'll be sure to talk on it.
Take pics, maybe some video.
Not sure when or where I'll be.
But I will be Blogging and Tweeting.
I have to pack. 
Everything I own is on the bed in the guest room.
Sometime tomorrow morning I'll figure out what I'm taking.
Other than a gown and silver high heels.
And some other outfits to wear for various events.
Various children are on Whatsapp now chatting.
I think we all have clothes to wear...
I mean it's Miami but Black Tie means more than a black tie..
Sweet, really sweet.

95L could develop into something more than a Blob.
Would be nice to track a real spinning system.
We track other basins but I only write on the Atlantic.

Mike added a Twitter Feed down on the left side of the page.

You can scroll along and read what people have to say.
Nice feature and maybe you'll find some new favorites.
Nice how he always evolves in real time with current needs.

If 95L stays low it could get some strength ...
...but not holding my breath.

at_sst_mm.gif (640×400)

Notice Ian formed just as it got far enough West...
..over warmer water.
And then sometimes all the warm water in the world ...
...doesn't help Invests such as 92L and 93L

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Know the problem with big phones?
It's hard to find a small evening purse they fit in.
At least I didn't upgrade to the Note 7


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