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Thursday, September 15, 2016

JULIA ON THE COAST Day to watch and wait

I'll be posting this afternoon as models come in.  It's really a watch and wait day.  Hard to say bottom line on TD12 as it's a work in progress. 

Julia along the coast doing her rainy thing.  Consult local NWS warnings if it impacts you. 

I'm involved in some wedding arrangements in Miami this morning.  Watching the loops and wondering.

Updating thoughts on Twitter in real time.  I'll post long later today.   Many questions on Karl down the road.  Ian at sea swimming like the fish he is...

Kids arriving all day.  Forgot how my kids party.  If they were hurricanes they'd all be majors.  Women diet before weddings... Men drink.  It's an unfair world. 

Love you all.  Thanks for your patience and as always check out and  No spaghetti for me to after the wedding...

BESOS Bobbistorm

@BobbiStorm in Twitter

Ps yes wonderful to be home in the 305


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