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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tropical Depression 12 Forms near Africa

Tropical depression 12 formed off the coast of Africa.  Upgraded based on satellite imagery,  presentation and the models love it.

Miles to go before it nears the islands.  It should move more West for a bit,  then it's intensity should be kept in check by developing shear as it slides further and further West. 

Some models show a high building to the North of it keeping it West bound for days. 

Questions arise on whether an opening in the high appears for the sheared Karl to escape and save the islands and the  East Coast from another landfalling tropical system.

In short... Your typical September CV Storm. Time will tell as always.

Julia is barely moving anchored over the warm water of the Gulfstream.  A beautiful part of the world if you like Low Country,  cute old towns and great seafood.  A cold front should pick it up and pull it out to sea.  As the front approaches shear should inhibit intensification.  That said.... This family of storms don't always pay attention to the models. 

Stay tuned. 

Be back later. 
@BobbiStorm on Twitter for any questions in real time.


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