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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Julia Remnants Remain While Karl & Lisa are far out at sea ...weak. Real Story is Flooding Rain.

Officially we have Karl and Lisa.
But the real story today is the remnants of JULIA.
Note Julia not on the map in any way shape or form.
But Julia is the story in today still. 

See the NWS Discussion tells the REAL story:

News stories today from Julia...

Checking on the tropics before heading back to North Carolina this morning. Amazes me how we are obsessing over Karl's lack of organization today when the real story today is coastal North Carolina and Virginia are being inundated by weather, rain, flooding rain from Julia. Oh but Julia lost her "name" and was downgraded so it's really not a story... or is it?  It's a weather story here in the US being covered by the NWS and ignored by the NHC as that is not their job...

We love names. Ex-Julia, Remnants of Julia... titles seem so important. In truth is IS Julia. It is old, elderly, exhausted but still got a kick Julia spreading torrential rains in areas prone to flooding creating traffic problems and school closures. But "it's not a hurricane" and "its not a tropical storm" but it IS THE WEATHER. Why are we here guys? I'm pretty sure we are here to talk on weather and the effects of tropical systems across Planet Earth. And yet we get lost in the name game. It's not "just rain" it's rain from ex-tropical depression Julia. So I suppose all those expressive titles mitigate the fact that school has been closed, roads are damaged and life is in turmoil from a system that is no longer a Tropical Storm, not a Tropical Depression just "remnants" of a weather system that formed as a wave that rolled off Africa weeks ago.

That is the awesomeness of tropical meteorology. One cluster of clouds that form over equatorial Africa and move West into the Atlantic are weather makers weeks later stuck in a broken steering pattern over two states impacting many people far from where that system formed in Africa.

Watch this loop and that is only five days and you see how broken this weather pattern is:

5 Days Ago:


Note every few days a new tropical wave departs Africa.
That will stop soon and our attention will turn to SW Carib.
From a CLIMO point of view.

Note it has many tabs you can use and play with on the top so enjoy it.

My favorite 12 hour loop shows how stuck Julia is over VA NC

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

And the introduction of the next system.

It's worth asking is the name important or the weather from the system?
Soon we will have named Winter Storms because TWC started naming them.
Why? Because the name is important.
Julia... in any form... is creating weather still.
As Fiona did after she was downgraded.
As Hermine did after she was downgraded.
Wow the women tropical storms of 2016 have been problems.
They just don't want to go away they?

Lisa looks pretty good yet isn't forecast to be anything.
Karl was forecast yet looks crappy now.
This has been the underlying story all year.

No system is directly threatening any of the islands today and the real weather story is going on in the Norfolk, Hampton Roads area. But it's just a local weather story. No, I don't think so.

The year of 2016 highlights many problems we have today. The problem of keeping up with the reality of the world today by poor projections ten years ago for the world today. Expressways in Miami are a joke, a total joke in many areas but way better than other areas. When they planned the "Express Lanes" for I-95 they blew the actual population patterns so they are obsolete by the time they are constructed. The new ramp they built for Ives Dairy Road is obsolete before it's built. The mess that took ten years to build in West Palm Beach on I-95 has poor signage (did they think tourists are only in Miami?) and solves nothing but the time it is built. TWC today talked on the problem of the 911 system being almost obsolete because it really works best with land lines but most people DO NOT HAVE LAND LINES anymore... but use cell phones. A great story really in that our taxes pay for obsolete highways and obsolete 911 systems. 

Why am I talking about highways and 911? Because in a way the old way of forecasting, discussing and warning on tropical systems has become a bit obsolete. We have boundaries and parameters for naming, discussion and watches that were put together back when we first figured out how to get radar imagery of a hurricane at landfall. When planes needed to be sent into the storm to see what was going on far away. Now days we still get awesome information from recon but we can see what's going on in a multitude of ways. Discussion on storms ends at downgrade as if they do not exist and yet flooding goes on for days and days. And the NWS has little presence in the media which in reality is soon becoming obsolete as few people under the age of 40 watch the Nightly News or TWC. So we need to adapt how we share information properly, warn people and perhaps even look at a way of merging the NWS and NHC into one fluid system that covers both tropical formation, movement and effects over land. This problem is not new... when Floyd made landfall the story was over in NC and then several days later the news outlets went back and showed the flooding of homes, neighborhoods and towns that in fact were never rebuilt. What was the story? The pretty pictures of Floyd in the Atlantic threatening Miami or days of flooding not very far inland in NC that changed the demographic landscape forever?

Type in Hurricane Floyd into a Google Search and only one picture shows the real story. The real story being the effects of the rain Hurricane Floyd dragged with it from Africa... from the Caribbean.. into towns never rebuilt in North Carolina.

Just something to think on while Lisa and Karl spin far away in the Atlantic.

Doesn't look like much but moved South towards MIA.
After shutting down FLL
Yesterday's storms.

So I ask which story here is the tropical one:
Obviously Julia not Miami thunderstorms.

Really Julia is still the problem.
Not Karl or Lisa.
A guy was injured on a construction site in Miami.
Not from a tropical system.
Schools are closed indefinitely waiting for Julia to leave.
Think on it.

We need to keep up with the times.
The Government does a great job but they move slowly.
They move slowly in trying to stay up with the times.
Either elevate the NWS to MEDIA ROCK STAR STATUS
Or figure out how to get the information faster.
Fast times we live in ... in 2016.

Packing up, heading out.
Nice seeing family, friends and reconnecting.
One of the worst lightning storms I have seen in years yesterday.
Flights in and out of FLL and MIA were grounded, messed up.
But most people are back where they belong today.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal..
..whatever normal is for me.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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