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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tornadoes, Trucks and Bridges Free Falling This Week in South Florida. Backhoe Stolen Taken For Joy Ride in Florida Keys.

Since it's a relatively slow news day I'm going to post a few "you can't make this up" Florida News stories. Seems trucks and bridges were in the news this week in South Florida. From overturned tractor trailers to stolen back hoes to falling garbage trucks... trucks were in the news. Note only the overturned tractor trailer was weather related... the others... just another Banana Republic sort of news story as it seems the pythons and alligators were laying low.

My father had one fear about driving to Key West.
He would drive past the Upper Keys.
He was always afraid a tractor trailer would turn over and...
...shut down the one road in and out for hours.
He could always get off I-95 Northbound to Orlando.. we went to Disney often.
He never imagined someone would steal a backhoe... 
...and shut it down for 2 hours.

Seems bridges and transportation were in the news all week.

Seems he hurt his shoulder ...either before or after the joy ride.
From the link shown above.

Seems he was an environmental crusader of sorts.
He complained people drive too fast.
He wanted people to drive slower.

You wonder what someone is charged with in this case?

"Blahnik, meanwhile, was charged with seven felony counts, including grand theft, 
using a deadly weapon without intent to kill, and fleeing a crime scene. "

Read on:

Great place to watch the sunset. 
Old 7 Mile Bridge.. People fish, watch the sunset

In Miami you had to be careful from falling garbage trucks.
Seems a garbage truck fell off of I-95 ...
...down into Jose Marti Park.

From the article linked above:

"The accident — which miraculously occurred on a holiday when the typically bustling Jose Martí Park was quiet — happened around 5 p.m. on the I-95 southbound exit ramp to Southwest Seventh Street. Authorities said the driver, identified as city employee Kaseem Smith, plunged about 100 feet and was apparently thrown from the crumpled cab, which split from the garbage container."

A sort of President's Day Miracle.
Usually the park is busy.

Traffic of course stopped as people jumped out of their cars... look below to see where the City of Miami Garbage Truck landed

Nice little park. Hidden gem by the river ....
...good use of public land. 

Unless a garbage truck flies off the high bridge... 

Oddly the first signs of a tornado in Miami on Tuesday came in...
...when I-95 was shut down by cars and trucks tossed about by high winds.

A tractor trailer, the kind my father worried on, was turned on it's side.

One of the tornadoes was caught on video.

So for all you Miami people who moved to Oklahoma for Twisters...
Y'all can come back home now ;)

Just so you know though...
Carolina had some problems from the same weather system.

It's a nice drive... if you are up or down this way.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter..

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