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Friday, October 02, 2015

Joaquin Does the Bahamas... A Guest That Needs to Leave.. and Swim out to sea...hopefully...

avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Thats what you call a Category 4 Hurricane..
That's what you call an eye wall replacement cycle

Joaquin has become the most photogenic storm around.

Cone of devotion...of hoping models are right...

5 AM Cone.

I'll put up a long post with thoughts and discussion after the 11 AM is out.
And, after the model runs.

The Discussion at the NHC is getting easier to read.
It's as if they are doing my job for me.
Nice .. I like the Key messages.
Reminds me of my $alient points.

Note models INDICATE... they don't see the future.
We only hope hey do with the new Eastward trend.

Bahamas have taken it hard.
It might just be a few islands in the Bahamas.
But this could have stalled out over Key West or Key Largo.
Miami or Boca Raton.

Let this be a warning that given the right aspects.
Warm water
No shear
Strong Center
In ANY Year

You can get this stalled out over your town.

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

An example that comes to mind is Wilma.
Not as bad but Wilma chose a bad time to do Key West.
She was a guest that stayed too long.

Click on that link and know it can happen anywhere...
in any given year.. El Nino or No El Nino...
...and will happen again somewhere..

Besos Bobbistorm 
@bobbistorm on twitter

Ps there is some discussion the J storm may be  moving.. slowly N
Or NW or NNW...

Until I see movement above 4 mph I am not going to talk about it
Let's pray he moves on finally and goes out to sea

Massive flooding problems indirectly associated with him on the East Coast


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