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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Invest Anchored off the Carolinas... Ida Far Away...GOM Might Se Action Soon

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

The area off the coast of the Carolinas is there... has an Invest and a floater.

Not much to look at right now and according to the NHC...
...its going to be hanging around.

Must be a lot of broken steering currents going around.

Apparently if some models are to be believed..
This Invest may go inland as far away as the Great Lakes....
.... hmnnnnn....

I'll check back after Yom Kippur and hope those models are more.. realistic.

Ida is out there... looping.
Expected to be a fish.

Hear that Fishing??
(note to a friend)

Been busy today with the move.
And as I am hurting all over... 
.. I went to the chiropractor for a while...

Spacey, loopy.. .like Ida and Carolina Invest.

I'm watching the GOM for development possibly in a few days.

More discussion on that tomorrow evening.

Have a good day... a good year to those celebrating Jewish New Year..

And to Fishing.... watch that area off the Carolinas...
Might be a rainy mess along the coast... 
Time will tell.

Much Love

Besos BobbiStorm


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