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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

UPDATED TS Henri Forms, GOM Development? New Cape Verde Wave Has 20% Yellow Circle. Watching Waves

Updated at 11 AM.
Nothing new to track for Henri
Yellow Invest still shows Westward movement.
Will do a brand new post this later...
...for now the cone remains the same.
Not much new with Henri...
...things remain the same.

11:00 AM AST Thu Sep 10
Location: 32.6°N 60.8°W
Moving: N at 9 mph
Min pressure: 1008 mb
Max sustained: 40 mph

Add in though the rescues in Japan from flooding...
Show the dangers of every system.
Tropical Depressions and Storms bring their own misery.
You can hide from the wind but you HAVE to run from the water!
In almost all tropical events its the water that does the real damage.
Keep that in mind later should something small form close in..
I'll update later today with some model discussion on the GOM
And other things that show some possibilities.
Watch tropical moisture from Linda...
... as it moves towards our side of the world.
Check out the bottom for today's song ;)

Based on ASCAT-B scatterometer data... TD 8 was upgraded..
Tropical Storm HENRI
Just saying.... Official.

It is not expected to become a Hurricane.

As this could affect the Canadian Maritimes.
I'll show the Canadian track as well.

I know it isn't moving near the US Coastline.
Forecast to stay East of Bermuda.

But it is there and marking it's official arrival.

Worth mentioning there is model support for the GOM down the road.

I'll give you a preview of what I'll be discussing in my next post.

A bit more out there....

People are talking. 
Discussing. Shooting the tropical breeze...
...which there hasn't been much of lately.

Not a viable breeze...

You might want to read my friend Larrry Cosgrove.
He put this up earlier today on Twitter and Facebook

He's in Texas and therefore paying close attention.
Interesting concept. 
Something comes from somewhere..

So keep watching

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

A wave is departing from Africa.

And the NHC is all over it...

20% Chances in 5 Days.
They are taking this new relationship slowly...

That's it for tonight.

Oh and the wave in the Caribbean is still there.
Weakly hugging the coast of South America.
Reminds of another wave or two that's done that.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Sometimes they pull back over water.
Just fun to watch for a few reasons.
Oh and remnants of Grace are following behind a safe distance.

Check back later for more information.
As information becomes available.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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