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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Grace Moving West & GOM Curiosity.

Tropical Storm Grace

ft-animated.gif (720×480)

NHC graphics ...cone of the day

Remember the beginning of Star Trek...

"to boldy go where no human has gone before"

Grace isn't on the Star Ship Enterprise.

Talking about Grace right now is like watching the Titanic.

It's beautiful, it's romantic and you know how its gonna end.

But you watch anyway... sometimes.

Ever watch Somewhere in Time?
I had a best friend who loved that movie.
I watched it once. Thought on it. Cried.
Couldn't watch it again.
She could over and over.

Spoiler alert.. it doesn't end well.

More so its even more depressing now cause you know..
Superman died :( 

But well Grace is there so we are watching.

NHC is a bit cryptic with this one.

I know how they feel.

Discussion. It's as if they could barely write it.

Basically they said that Grace has a nice personality.
She's petite, compact.. like Danny.

She is going the same route that every wave has gone before.

All aboard for the Hispaniola Express.
Well for now.. something could change.

It's almost painful to watch.

You can follow the latest models on Spaghetti Models.
Seems Italian is still in style this season ;)

Mike's doing a bang up job with her.
Then again he's probably out on the water this Labor Day.
I have plans to be on the water soon too... 
After Labor Day. 

As for FRED.............

Fred is dead.
He actually achieved landfall. 
Historically speaking Fred was the bomb.

It is possible Grace may do something down the road.
That no westbound tropical storm has done before... 
That would be go "up and over the islands"

But for now... you know the story.

Let's look at the GOM

The area of convection in the GOM is still there.

ft-animated.gif (720×480)

Also worth noting the frontal boundaries.
Highs and lows.
Very close in and worth watching.
Even if I'm the only one watching it.

Winds below....

Lastly want to leave you with this discussion from a friend.

Crown Weather has some interesting thoughts.

Basically, he points out the models have done a poor job this year.
Rightly so says to watch the environmental conditions.
And how Grace is actually doing.

He does point out a long shot scenario which is plausible.

Then see what her options are down the road.
I agree.

I know one met I respect feels its possible she flares up closer in.
So lets keep watching.

And many have already coronated the wave behind Grace as

If Henri the GOM or Atlantic..
He would be the 8th named system this not so slow year.

Enjoy this song. 
At least you didn't almost get killed in a car...
...trying to remember who sings Henry the 8th...
Cause they weren't watching when they made the right turn...
Peter sings Henry the 8th!
Peter Noone.

Would have been a fitting end.
Probably would have made National Enquirer Headlines.
But I digress... 

Happy Labor Day!!

Besos BobbiStorm 
Ps... okay I might be a bit tropically depressed.
Maybe I'll go to Whole Foods and buy me some...


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