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Friday, September 04, 2015

Invest 96L Looking Healthy & Wants a Bottle of Rum. Ho Ho Ho Fred Won't Go West .. Ignacio does Canada? Home Grown Possibilities. Happy Labor Day Weekend

The players

Fred is out in the Atlantic.
He is walking the line the NHC forecast for him. 
Well actually . . .  he is taking the bottom part of that cone.
He is forecast to turn sharply to the right.
He has been forecast to turn right for days.
He will... or he will simply die out there.
The NHC will pull the plug faster than you can say...
Next Storm!!

Like his siblings before him he continues to go West.
I think. I don't mean to nit pick with the NHC...
...but one of my degrees is in English.
So I will call a GUY storm HE ...
Bite Me!

It says he is moving West ...then says forecast to move WNW.

To appreciate how far away he is let's look at a wide image.

Invest 91L is off the Cape Verde Islands and moving West. She most likely will be a Fish Storm as she is developing far out early on. But, it's too early to tell so don't start placing bets just yet, before she has a name even. Just watch her for now. Some people have already crowned her Grace.

avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Boy is she pumping or what?
Must be a body builder. 
Maybe Cantore has insights here...

Crown Weather for now concurs with the models that...
... have her meet the same fate as Danny and Erika.

For people who need to see the model tracks...
Choo Choo... all aboard.

(seen one you've seen them all this year...)

"The GFS and European model guidance both forecast development and intensification this weekend into next week followed by this system forecast to weaken and open back up into a tropical wave as it approaches the Lesser Antilles late next week" logical, probable. I'm wondering if a piece of that energy can make it into the Caribbean.
That's down the road I'll keep watching.

Officially that's IT.
Fred and ??? out in the Atlantic

As for Elsewhere.......
Elsewhere code name for "E?ika"
I say they pull the plug and IF any part of her develops... 
I mean one last homeopathic rain shower...
...they name her Grace and move on to Henri.
In deference to Jim Williams who stuck a fork in her.
I am not showing any satellite imagery of her floater ;)
But Cantore keeps mentioning her... just saying.

There is discussion she gets hung up in a frontal boundary pattern.
That is not a meteorologically sound term it's literary license.
The way Fred is either going West or WNW .....
......depending on how you read the discussion.

She develops into some sort of huge Atlantic system 
(???) and waves may pick up on a beach near St. Augustine ...
....where Fred only wishes he could retire...but I digress.

My friend explains this better than me as he watches the surf.

Cantore may feel a ground swell near the beach...
...a wave that is mixed with the homeopathic solution of Erika

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

I want to discuss the GOM a bit here.
Watch this messy loop to the tune of this snappy song.

Let's look close in to the GOM.
Direct your eyes to the LEFT.
Look away from "erika" I know u can....

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

Let's lay some grids down here from Spaghetti Models
I love Spaghetti Models :)
Know why?
No carbs, no calories... simply delicious.

Not the worst set up there.
Seems to be getting better 

Water Temps

TCHP.jpg (666×375)

So all lines of pressure being equal you can look West or East.
You won't find much ...but you can look.
Set up is there with a High aloft for something to look good.
Beyond that... hard to say.
But I am a big believer of close in and Home Grown this year.

rbtop-animated.gif (720×480)

Good link that shows our Home Grown Areas to Watch
Sample of what that link shows below

Wow look how red that is down South of Cuba.
If something were develop...
...catch a front northbound...

Sneak Peak at what could be coming at you in a few weeks.

Just to be a brat and complain about women in country music...
We are missing out... it's all about the guys these days.
2 girls singing Home Grown
Nice song for girls to sing...don't u think??

Little Bit of a Rant here...

Ignacio. I'm just gonna say it once here on Ye Olde Blog cause... I keep wondering why is there a cyclone in the Pacific named Ignacio? I mean WHY? Sounds like the Captain of some lost ship.. Ship of Fools wandering around the Pacific like Wrong Way Corrigan blessed by Saint Peter and Sir El Nino to run rampant far from his home part in the Mediterranean. It just seems soo wrong. Perhaps he fell in love with the fair lass Lucinda who refused his love and he sailed off to see the world.

This is what happens when you name a cyclone in the Pacific Ignacio...

Yes Iggy wants to go to Canada.
Probably wants to see the Northern Lights.

Who names these storms? I know there's a team... makes it harder to blame any one person I suppose.

I actually think they should name the CV Wave Henri ..keep the guys out in the Atlantic.
Rename the E storm remnants Grace... that will wash out the old bad vibes. In a sort of holistic way that works. It may not sound like sound meteorological advice but hey Cantore is on a beach dressed as a pirate doing the Water Vapor Loop so I believe I'm on solid ground here.

What ever is or isn't going on in the tropics.
Go enjoy Labor Day Weekend!
Spend some money at a beach near you.. if you got one.
Stimulate the economy! 
Have fun ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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