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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

TD Grace Dying ... Is She a Goner? Watching GOM & Atlantic for Possible Development. 2015 Hurricane Season is NOT 2013. Stop waiting for reformations and storms coming back to life...

And Grace was her name... 

Sort of feels like a version of Bingo and Tic Tac Toe here.

Grace has been downgraded to a depression.
She looks depressed. Paltry in all ways. 
She has her fans that believe a part of her energy...
Old plot line... think Erika... 
Crazy possible scenarios..
A part of her gets into the GOM.
A part of her gets into the Bahamas.
A part of her dies in the Atlantic ...poof gone.

Possibly because in 2013 we had a similar set up.
Storms battled shear and negative conditions.
Fell apart and when they found a sweet spot...
...they reformed.

Note the gray lines... 
Gray is when they were tracking remnants.
They reformed.

This is 2015 not 2013 though similarities remain.

So let's leave Grace out there in the Atlantic for now.

The GOM remains a hot spot of contemplation.
Strong shear from El Nino and Upper Level Lows

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Frontal boundaries are trying to do their thing early.
A wave just moved into the Caribbean.
Grace is fading in the background.
An area in the Atlantic is lingering with convection.
The NHC is watching it for formation.
It currently has a 40% chance of forming into something.
Subtropical, Tropical ... you choose.

As for the Gulf of Mexico.
If convection lingers something may form close in.
Home Grown 
Models are playing with possibilities.

IF any part of Grace regenerates... 
..the NHC will be the first to make it official.

But really looks paltry. For now...

Keep watching.
Tropics are fluid this time of year especially.

Besos Bobbi 

For anyone who was a big Grace Kelly fan..


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