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Friday, September 11, 2015

Henri DEAD... Grace? On 911 NHC Comes Alive With Possilities... GOM? Fronts? Azores?

Updating here... 
Henri no es mas.
No Mas. Poof.

The NHC is getting so melodramatic these days.
Perhaps a bit moody. They did upgrade believing in the models.
Models were WRONG. 

A red X does not mean YES YES
It means... no no no. 
No mas.

As for Grace...dreamers dream... would make their dreams come true..
if only...she would come back to life.

As for Henri...

He never really said goodbye..
Just gone... should have woken me up before he went poof..

I am a bit concerned with the GOM.
Seems its just a matter of time.

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

You can sere here Grace's convection has gone, gone ... 
A diving, messy Water Vapor Loop..
Both enhances her and pulls her apart.
Wednesday ;)
Put it in the book.
Post from earlier goes into more depth.
This was just an update.
Keep reading...

Really... honest.. 

Okay..........let's look at a real satellite.
You know some ppl at the NHC feel ....
.....they are not really for the general public.
(I've been around... and to conferences)
They advise those who advise.. 
...disseminate information.
But I thnk it would be good to skip the cartoon graphics.. 2015 and put them over the satellite imagery.
just my thoughts..........

Using red, white and blue here for 9/11 day.

Note that the remnants of Grace...
..the largest pink elephant of the day is as big as Henri.
Note they have twin like tails.
It is that tail.. that keeps the open wave that was Grace alive.

Also note heavy rain in Texas.. flooding. 
Just rain but certainly wet there and humid.

A real throw back came to mind. Only thing I could think of when I looked at my phone and wondered if I was dreaming and still asleep.

Before we talk on Grace's leftovers.
The models have been spitting out GOM possibilities.
Yet nothing is Jellin'

That's from Mike's Weather Page on Facebook.
Tons of people there talking tropics and weather.

So let's take this apart.
Obviously we are going to talk about "Grace"
And I put that in quotation marks...

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Not sure if "Grace" can't let go...
or her "general viewing public" cannot let go.
They want her back....
(at least give us a floater....)

It is in fact a tropical wave... 
It WAS Grace.
Grace fell apart and degenerated into an open wave..
What you see staring at PR is an open wave...
...that WAS Grace.

Got it?

That being said..

What's odd is the graphics from NOAA don't jive..
They don't come together...
You got the NHC with X and Os ...
And the picture below doesn't show formation in ANY of those spots?

Shows something in the GOM...
Models are inconsistent but there.
Nothing where "Grace" is or isn't.
Nothing up where the yellow X is with 20% chance near Azores.

What does the NHC say?

NHC says NO to Grace ....won't take her back.
40% on African wave LATER in the forecast period.
20% chances on the Azores Wave
Note NHC not talking on GOM

Rob from Crown Weather gives his thoughts on the Graceless Wave.

I wanted to take this word for word as it's complicated.
There is a chance that some part of Grace MIGHT do something.

Closest I'll talk to you about Henri is in a song.
Your job to find the name in the lyrics.
Spelled differently but really what is in the spelling of a name?
Same root meaning.

I imagine if something odd like that happened...
The NHC might not go with Grace..
As.........there is no recognizably center left.
Time will tell and its a time will tell situation.

Grace doesn't really look totally dead.
I mean this family has very small centers.
Might be some minuscule twist ... need a microscope to see.
Can Cantore find it ??? 
Laughing, if anyone can he can..
(feels good to laugh lol)

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Extra credit... 
Watch the Azores Low curl... 

There's a front... a piece of that energy WILL linger.
It's not like it's going to Jamaica in September.
When frontal boundaries linger off of Florida...
And dangle in the GOM or the Bahamas...
Anything is possible.

As Mike wrote this morning..
Well what he said on Facebook.
You'll have to go to Twitter to see what he really told me..

I agree with Mike... 

I'm going to update later today.
In depth after we see some good morning visibles.
And see what the NHC says...
And I can think clearly on models.

Besos BobbiStorm
@Bobbistorm on Twitter.

I'll be back later today as this is a developing situation...

Ps Going to look back at 2001 and 911.
When I woke up that morning I had a few things on the table
Getting kids to school.
Going online talking to my friends about Hurricane Erin..
Getting to work and appointments on time.
Then... something changed to quote a friend name Marc


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