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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ida forming in the Atlantic? Westbound you know the drill. Happy Jewish New Year and keep watching the GOM

Where are all these X's going...

I'll tell you the truth...
I'm in the middle of a move... and have family here.
It's the Jewish New Year.
This is the last week we are in this place.
And half moved into another place nearby.
It's good but I'm a bit all over the place.
So forgive me for not posting much today...
...but truth is the Atlantic is a bit all over the place.

I'll be offline Monday and Tuesday for the New Year.
May you all be blessed in all you do this... 
Have sweet things, sweet memories and may you all..
...find your own sweet spot in life.

Til I'm back follow the tropics on
Mike may not talk as long as I do ;) 
But he's got all the right moves in all the right places.
He's got graphics, loops and discussion on Facebook.

I'll be back soon and who knows what letter we may be up to?

Ps.. The GOM

Keep watching the GOM... 
Something may develop there. 
Too close in, hard to ignore.
Not a for sure like the Atlantic Wave but...
...worth watching as thing that form close in..
..have little lead time to prepare for...
..unless they wander around the GOM poorly developed.
No one likes a poorly developed storm.. know what I mean?

Really thanks for your patience.
Hopefully... I'll be normal on Wednesday..
Well "normal" for me...
Thanks for your suppot.

Besos Bobbi Storm


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