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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day Holiday - TS ANA Catching the Front

WPC issuing advisories on ANA...

Today's post game wrap up on Tropical Depression is brought to you by way of the Weather Prediction Center. Seems this is the way it's being handled, which is logical... but well it's an entity with low pressure and very light winds (15 mph...woo hoo) but a lot of rain on it's Eastern Side. Most of the "weather" is over water and barely affecting the Outer Banks right now let alone "Central North Carolina" so... let's go with their hand off to the WPC. Note the low pressure seems to be over the mainland NC...the weather is over the ocean. Hope that makes sense...

By the way there really wasn't much damage to talk about (as expected) other than some tree limbs down here and there.

Read discussion in depth below from the WPC ...not NHC...well written, does sound a bit the same.

It's a pretty simple scenario and nothing more has changed. Ana slowly slides NNE and then gets scooped up by the front.

Discussion is below:

Flood watches (in case)
Models agree...
Headed to SE VA...
Then Front GRABS her... 

Maximum Wnds sustained ...near 15 MPH

Nice trial run of how we handle Tropical Systems this year!

Hope your Mother's Day was Fantastic!
Mine was a party... pool party.

Worth noting EPAC season starting on May 15th.
Time to watch the Eastern well...

Also as long as there are cold fronts....
...gotta watch the tail end of them... see if Bill is out there somewhere...

Besos Bobbi
Ps...Thank you everyone for making yesterday a real Holiday ;)


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