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Friday, May 08, 2015

Almost Tropical Storm Ana

According to the NHC.. 
On the verge of becoming a Tropical Storm

Note the salient points in the discussion

Some things to mention here.

1. A Cold Front in May. If this continues it's an important ingredient in this coming hurricane season and not always a good one. Cold Fronts bomb out eventually and go stationary and at the end of cold fronts... hurricanes happen. Also if a system was in the GOM it would draw it up along a cold front. They also take storms out but then ridges build in behind them...that block northward movement for a while. Just something to think on...

2. Parked over the Gulf Stream is not a great place for a developing, transitioning subtropical storm as it usually means transitioning to Tropical and sometimes intensifying.

3. Parked means some coastal towns will have prolonged periods of rain... a bit worried on the timing creating more damage from a small storm that might not otherwise cause any problems. Time added to rain ,winds, surf can cause more erosion and misery for the beaches (loss of money) than a fast moving tropical storm or Cat 1 Hurricane. Time... meandering storms ... they can be messy.

Extra Bonus... Yes, indeed the models saw it coming...

Seems the models did a fine job of predicting this system days back and their projections have been more or less on the money. Good to know for the future. YES... the models saw this coming! Good to know indeed.

As fun as it is to watch her spin, she's really small beans compared to the bigger weather problem out on the plains.

Look at the reds in Texas.
Oklahoma looks like it has an eye in a storm...
Ana looks like half a storm just now.
On visible imagery she looks nice on the loop

vis-animated.gif (720×480)

She spins... she swirls... 
Bands are forming...
Stay there over the warm Gulf Stream and..
we will have a TROPICAL Storm Ana

As for me, I enjoyed being able to take some great storm shots before the wedding yesterday in Miami. How often do you get to go to a wedding and take weather shots? 

When the rains moved in some watched from the covered patio....I did because it helped me get better pics of the cloud formations ...and the wedding ceremony. My friend Sharon stood under an umbrella with some other friends. Note the dress blowing in the wind... 

And, then we went inside and danced and danced and danced.
There was a bonfire outside for the holiday Lag Bomer.
Afterwards... the bride and groom jumped in the pool..
of course... cause its.. Miami 

Relaxing, resting up from dancing ALL night and watching Ana try to transition into the first TROPICAL Storm of the 2015 Hurricane Season

Besos Bobbi


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