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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Where will "Ana" Form & WHEN... Coastal Low Discussion

3 views of 3 different models are shown above.
Sort of like which little piggy wins the blue ribbon?

Note where the convection is coming together

You can see the dance going on tonight over Cuba
Florida Straits
a bit of a twist on some levels
in Gulf of Mexico

avn-animated.gif (720×480)

Note small boundary layer, criss cross going on wind flow in the GOM
Draws energy away from the mess over Cuba. 
You can see this better in the link below.
It's a small wrinkle in the game but...
(think Star Wars)
ANY disruption in the force... 
slows down the formation

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Down in Cuba . . .

Radar is fun to watch.... 
Something is happening... 
"Something" being the operative word here

Note 12 hours previously the way the GOM looks

At 11 PM Sunday evening... 

Another view

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

The whole messy area of moisture
is going to slowly wrap
if the models have it right.

Personally I'm thinking it may wrap closer to the left than the right.
Think Bimini vs Bahamas in general.
and still a long shot that this totally wraps

Now look at the 3 models above
highlighted on Spaghetti Models.. 
Which model is right?

Name of the game tonight is ....
Quando Quando Quando...
and ... 

Does what might become "ANA" form

Besos Bobbi

Nice Radar link KW & Cuba below


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