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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is it Rainy Season or Not in South Florida? Officially?

The yellow circle down year the Yucatan
Is what we will be watching long term.
This morning's blog is about short term.

To watch the flow hit the link below:

Sort of round robin blog today on topics in the weather worth watching and still pondering what will be in a few days off the coast of Cape Hatteras or down near Florida next week.

The search for the missing sailors from the Regatta by Dauphin Island goes on with very little mention in the news. TWC talks on it when they are not doing infomercial segments on security. Local news out of the area is talking about it more than they are problems far away in other places. For people who love to sail it's a big story and it bothers me as a weather person that they did not seem as prepared as they should be.  In Alabama it's a huge, sad, heartbreaking story.

Nice link to watch the winds across the country is below:

Personally shows .07 mph (???) over me but I'm in the doldrums weather wise today. That will change in 4.8 days :)

It's been raining in Florida for days. South Florida especially has been under the water gun the whole week. Currently, it's not raining. But, people down there have felt like the rains came early this year and it's been flood like in some areas. My bigger concern is what will happen when the rainy season really does begin later in May? This was a bonus rainfall from the current weather set up and prevailing winds bringing everything in from the sultry, moist GOM across South Florida mixed with fronts that should not be there.

The always amazing WV Loop looks like this:

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Currently the line of moisture that was hanging over FL over Cuba... 
it will be back................

If the sun is shining today...enjoy it.
Word is later next week the wild weather will return

Something to think on... 
Besos Bobbi


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