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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Great Lightning Site... Passover Funk. Where to go today ????

Love this link to active, live lightning strikes across the nation..

or you can see the whole wide world at once . . .

Should come in handy during the hurricane season
or any season
or any night when you're bored and restless
Click on the link and watch it like a big moving screen saver

It's featured on

As for the weather today it's happening out in the Plains.
The South is ASLEEP under a blanket of yellow pollen


In the tropics nothing much is happening in our basin..

I'm in the Carolinas today... looking for a new place to play.
It's Passover, we hit the road every day
Picnic, Mall, Theme Park
Anything to stay busy with kiddies... 

Back in Miami my kids were at Marlins Stadium AGAIN last night...

Yellow seems to be the color of the day.... 

Miami... always on the move, always fun

Woman Meteorologist of the Day is Karlene Chavis
She's with the always excellent WSVN weather team in Miami

Old video from May of 2013
shows you how we do the weather in Miami... 

53 Days Til Hurricane Season
Besos Bobbi

Ps... Passover Funk....


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